How come so many UK leftists are Trots?

In Terry Bisson’s interview with Ken MacLeod in The Human Front (PM Press, 2013), there’s this great answer to Bisson’s question “How come so many UK leftists are Trots?” :

Short answer: because Trotskyists in Britain moved fast on the CP’s crisis in the 1950s, and moved with the times in the 1960s.… Read the rest

July 7-14 Stuff to Read

Things i found interesting this week:


Montreal Demonstration Against Slaughter in Palestine

There is a demonstration on Friday, July 11th, to stop Israel’s war against Palestine, in Montreal at the corner of Guy and St-Catherine St (by Guy-Concordia metro).

The demonstration is called for 5:30pm.

Please note that the demo was initially called for Sunday, but the date changed.Read the rest


Queer Between the Covers 2014

(français ci-dessous)

Queer Between the Covers, Montreal’s annual queer book fair, is almost upon us!

Join us:

August 16th
11AM-6 PM

Comité social Centre-Sud
1710 rue Beaudry

Free entry, wheelchair-accessible venue.

Please note that the entrance to the book fair will be through the parking lot on the south side of the building!… Read the rest

Of Interest

Some stuff i have found interesting over the past couple of weeks:

 … Read the rest


Solidarity with Bobette!

At the last May Day protest, police repression was brutal and a lot of protesters were hurt. Bobette was specifically targeted by the SPVM because of her political activities; they physically attacked her and psychologically harassed her. You can read a summary of what happened to Bobette on May Day afterward.… Read the rest