Political Prisoner Herman Bell Assaulted

Black Panther Party political prisoner Herman Bell was viciously assaulted by guards at Great Meadow Correctional Facility (Comstock) on September 5, 2017.

While being “escorted” by a guard back to his housing unit, a guard struck Herman, age 69, in the face causing his glasses to drop to the floor. He pushed Herman against the wall, Herman stumbled and fell to the ground. The guard then continued viciously hitting and kicking  Herman. Very soon about 5 other guards arrived and joined in the violent attack, hitting and kicking Herman all over his body. He was also maced in the eye ...........READ MORE

IGD: Guide to Charlottesville Solidarity Actions Around the World

In solidarity with our friends at CrimethInc.

On August 12, a fascist murdered one person and injured dozens more by driving a vehicle into a crowd of anti-racist protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia. Fascists had been calling for violence in advance; they made it very clear that this would happen. We are calling for solidarity actions to take place around the country in response—to support the bereaved, to encourage those who courageously stood up to fascist murderers, to reach out to our communities about this situation, and to show that we will not stand for this. Here, you can find a ...........READ MORE

Manifestation de soutien avec des réfugiés et contre les racistes // Refugees In, Racists Out! (Stade Olympique, dimanche 12h)

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*Bienvenue aux réfugiés! Expulsons les racistes!
Manifestation en support aux migrants et aux réfugiés*
DIMANCHE LE 6 AOÛT, 12h pile.

Stade Olympique (Montréal)
4545 Avenue Pierre-de-Coubertin – allez à porte ‘D’ (Métro Pie-IX ou Métro Viau)

*SVP arrivez à l’heure! Nous allons manifester jusqu’a 15 heures au minimum.
Apportez vos affiches et banderoles en support aux migrants et aux frontières ouvertes*

Un appel lancé par le Comité de réponse anti-raciste/anti-fasciste et le Comité Cité sans frontières de Solidarité sans frontières et le Comité d’action des personnes sans-statut haïtiens, avec ...........READ MORE

A New Class Politics (repost)

Class is back on the agenda of the European left. That is good news. The reasons, however, are unfortunate. It is primarily the growing working-class support for right-wing parties and movements that troubles left-wing authors, activists, and organizers. Two poles have emerged in the debate.

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Islamophobia Is the Glue That Unites Diverse Factions of the Far Right (repost)

Women bradish US flags and shout at the “March Against Sharia” at Foley Square on June 10, 2017 in New York City. (Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images) The nationwide “March Against Sharia” rallies on June 10, 2017, brought an unholy alliance of far-right actors into the streets.

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