Ottawa Feminist Fair 2016

Sunday, November 27
11 AM – 4 PM

Montgomery Legion
330 Kent St, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2A6

The Feminist Twins are proud to present the 3rd annual Feminist Fair taking place on Sunday November 27th at the Montgomery Legion. Kersplebedeb tabled there last year, and we are happy to be there again in 2016 (Ottawa is always nice to visit!) bringing a large selection of books, pamphlets, as well as some relevant t-shirts and buttons!

The Feminist Fair is ALL AGES, pay what you can (no one turned away for lack of funds!), with proceeds going to Ottawa Coalition to ...........READ MORE


Night-Vision, Available as Ebook (For Free!)

The authors of Night-Vision: Illuminating War and Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain have been working on significant additional material to include in a new edition, which is to be published by Kersplebedeb in 2017.

That said, given the current political conflagration — itself a clear manifestation of the deadly deepening tensions between processes of neocolonial desettlerization and neocolonial revanchism — we felt it was important to make this book available. For that reason, it is being uploaded to amazon, with some minor alterations, but without the new material that is expected next year. This is a slightly modified version of ...........READ MORE

#TrumpTheRegime: Resources and Ongoing Resistance to Trump and the Far-Right (repost)

Trump’s win of the electoral college (despite losing the popular vote by 2 million votes) thrust many into the streets for the first time against the billionaire real estate mogul and the wider system and crisis of capitalist civilization he seeks to manage.

Read the rest of this post on the original site at #TrumpTheRegime: Resources and Ongoing Resistance to Trump and the Far-Right ...........READ MORE

Important Things to Read in the Present Juncture

These are some specific documents available on Kersplebedeb and related sites that are of particular relevance in the present juncture:

In terms of books available through Leftwingbooks.Net, the following titles may be of special interest:

...........READ MORE

Settlers the Mythology of the White Proletariat FREE DOWNLOAD

Until midnight on November 22nd (less than 36 hours from now), you can download Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat from Mayflower to Modern by J. Sakai, for free:


Kersplebedeb is offering this book for free download, as it seems particularly timely in the present political context.

Settlers is a uniquely important book in the canon of the North American revolutionary left and anticolonial movements. First published in the 1980s by activists with decades of experience organizing in grassroots anticapitalist struggles against white supremacy, the book soon established itself as an essential reference point for revolutionary nationalists and ...........READ MORE


Free Shipping at Leftwingbooks.NET

Just to let people know, for the remainder of 2016, Kersplebedeb Leftwingbooks.Net is offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more, anywhere in the world. Please note that this special will get you the cheapest mail delivery available — i.e. surface mail if you are overseas. Orders placed after December 11th will definitely arrive after December 25th.

Leftwingbooks.Net distributes all Kersplebedeb Publications, all books published by AK Press and PM Press, as well as publications from many other left, anarchist, and communist publishers and projects. We are especially happy to carry both the Certain Days Freedom for ...........READ MORE