More Art Against the Racist Charter

Just to letcha all know, a tumblr has been put up by the group Ensemble Contre la Charte, featuring art against the Quebec’s proposed racist Charter of values. You can check it out at

For those of you who are artistically inclined, we are still looking for and accepting artistic contributions, to find out more get in touch at artcontrelacharte@gmail.comRead the rest

Drainville: Pompier Pyromane



Some explanations, for those of you who do not read french, or are not from Quebec, are below.

For those of you who do read french, and are from here, you should be able to get it without having to read further.… Read the rest


Support the Resistance at Elsipogtog

The clash at Elsipogtog has been a clash between the Mi’kmaq Nation and global capitalism itself. Months of resistance, culminating standoffs and battles with colonial police and mass arrests, galvanized support from many nations across “canada”.

Rather than attempt to summarize this conflict here in one post, i suggest readers check out the Warrior Publications blog, a source of excellent analysis and pretty complete coverage of this struggle (and many others too).… Read the rest


Michelle Alexander Writes to California Hunger Strikers

Michelle Alexander is the author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, an essential work exposing the white supremacist core at the heart of the u.s. drug war and its system of mass incarceration.

November 25, 2013

To the Hunger Strikers in California’s Prisons:

I know that some time has now passed since your courageous hunger strike was officially suspended, but I want you to know that the memory of what you risked and what you accomplished  continues to inspire me and thousands of others in the United States and around the world.… Read the rest


New Book from Sanyika Shakur: Stand Up, Struggle Forward!

“It was over 20 years ago that the book Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member exploded on the scene and gave us all a front row seat to explore the genocidal brutality of the neo-colonial world of gangbanging. A world that exists at the expense of New Afrikan communities and New Afrikan youth in particular, through our social savage way of attempting to gain power through AK’s, bats and beat downs … it was in the belly of the beast (prison) that ‘Monster’ underwent a revolutionary transformation, dissecting and re-building himself from the inside out, slaying the colonial thug ‘Monster’ and emerging through a re-birth as ‘Sanyika Shakur,’ a New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalist.” — from the Foreword by Yusef “Bunchy” Shakur

Stand Up Struggle Forward: New Afrikan Revolutionary Writings On Nation, Class and Patriarchy

This collection of writings by Sanyika Shakur, formerly known as Monster Kody Scott, includes several essays written from within the infamous Pelican Bay Security Housing Unit in the period around the historic 2011 California prisoners’ hunger strike, as well as two interviews conducted just before and after his release in Black August 2012.… Read the rest