Cops and LAM Go Hand in Hand (A Tale of State-Sponsored Antifascism, 1997)

This article was written twenty years ago for the magazine Antifa Forum; the details are not going to be of any real significance today. Nonetheless, it is being uploaded simply because the issue of state-recuperation of antifascism, and its perils, is sadly likely to become very germane in the future. Plus, it provides a little bit of interesting history of antifascism in Quebec.

Across North America people of varying political persuasions are taking a stand against racism. As revolutionary anti-fascists we of course believe that racism must always be opposed, but this doesn’t mean that every opponent of the extreme ...........READ MORE

The Magician’s Apprentice: Raoul Roy’s Luc Potvin (1998)

The following sidebar to The Past Is Our Master!?! was written in 1998; it is being uploaded here in the hoped of being of some interest

In the late eighties a number of committed nationalists worked with Indépendance, a magazine published by Marc Severson, François Robichaud and Mario Gagné (formerly of the Groupe d’Études et d’Action and a subsequent contributor to the Cahiers de Jeune Nation). Indépendance distinguished between French Canadians and Québecois, and, building on the arguments already elaborated by Raoul Roy, defined the nationalist struggle as being primarily cultural. While retaining anti-imperialist and progressive trappings, these positions led ...........READ MORE

Raoul Roy

Fascist Praises Cops: “Our People Have Remained Healthy” (1992)

Raoul Roy

On July 6th 1991 several undercover police officers were assigned to arrest Kirt Haywood, a short Black man with dreadlocks. They mistook Marcellus François, a tall Black man with short hair, for Haywood and followed him around Montreal. Finally, they pulled over his car and approached him, guns drawn, without identifying themselves. As he went to unfasten his seatbelt, police officer Michel Tremblay shot him through the head. Francois went into a coma and died a few days later.

This is the background to Police Chief Alain Saint-Germain’s unprecedented statement, in late January 1992, that this had ...........READ MORE


The Catholic Far Right in Quebec: Thumbnail Sketches

CQV’s gilles Grondin meeting with Pope John Paul II

The following was initially written in 1998, and somewhat updated in 2000. It should be considered a historical document, not an up-to-date history. The years since 2000 have surely witnessed major changes in the milieu. Nonetheless, it will hopefully be of some use.


As Quebec was going through its Quiet Revolution, Roman Catholicism was experiencing changes of its own. Conflicts that had been simmering for centuries were reaching the boiling point. In order to bring things up to date and resolve certain issues, the world’s bishops held a series of ...........READ MORE


A Brief History of the Far Right in Quebec, 1920s-1990s

The following text was written in 1998, and published in the magazine Antifa Forum under the title The Past is Our Master ?!?; a French-translation was subsequently independently published as the pamphlet Notre Maître le Passé?!?

This study ends 20 years ago – and so precedes the rise of Islamophobia as the central focus of the far right, most importantly – but even within the span of time that it covers, it should not be taken as complete (boneheads are not examined here, not are various far right New Age groups, groups that came in from the u.s. like ...........READ MORE


Those Who Have No Blood On Their Hands

Words fail me… i spent much of yesterday and the night before trying to write, but nothing measured up to the horror of the Quebec City massacre, where a young far-rightist shot up a mosque, killing six and wounding many more

i will come back to this, but as things are right now, all i could do was the following; these images can be downloaded from facebook, or here. The text on each image translated as “It wasn’t me who fired — My hands are clean.”

These are politicians and journalists, most but not all from Quebec, who have ...........READ MORE


Fermeture du consulat américain à Montréal / Shut down US consulate in Montreal

(le française suivra)


WHEN: Monday January 30 at 12 PM noon
WHERE: 1155 Rue St-Alexandre, Montréal (metro Place-des-arts) in Montreal

Remember sitting in school learning about history, thinking “If I was alive then, I would have…”
You are alive now. What you do now is what you would have done then.

-Now Is the Time-

We live in horrific times. The United States, the most powerful country in the world, has embarked on a path of naked racism, celebrating cruelty and contempt for the world’s poor and oppressed.

With his Muslim ban, his ...........READ MORE

Does Trump Represent Fascism or White Supremacy? (repost)

A guest column by PG How should we understand the impending presidency of Donald Trump? What should we be prepared for? While some have framed Trump’s victory as a sign of resurgent fascism, our guest contributor argues that we should see it as the latest development in a much older phenomenon, w

Read the rest of this post on the original site at Does Trump Represent Fascism or White Supremacy? ...........READ MORE


Mark your calendars …

Préparez vos calendriers…

[français suivra)
Mark your calendars …

Two days: Saturday, May 27 & Sunday, May 28
From 10am to 5pm on both days

The Anarchist Bookfair will take place in two buildings across from each other in Parc Vinet:
– Centre d’éducation populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et de St-Henri (CEDA), 2515 rue Delisle
– Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier (CCGV), 2450 rue Workman
A short walk from Lionel-Groulx metro.

No gods, no masters, no bosses, no borders.
FREE. Welcome to ...........READ MORE

Ctrl-Alt-Delete: An Antifascist Report on the Alternative Right

The latest from Kersplebedeb Publishing, Ctrl-Alt-Delete addresses the origins and rise of the so-called “alt-right,” the fascistic movement that grabbed headlines in the months leading up to the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. It is due back from the printers in February, but is available for pre-order now; the
cover price is $10, but bulk pricing ranges from $4-6 each depending on quantity. Pre-ordering copies will help us have a sense of how many we should be printing, and will also help us cover our printing costs. You can do so by clicking here! ...........READ MORE