lyrics by the Poison Girls

Do you when you're trying ever
Wonder which way up it goes
Wonder which way up it goes
Wonder which way water flows
Wonder which way you must go?

Do you when you're crying ever
Fall away from daytime light
Fall away into the night
Nightime nightmare knowing
No-one knows you?

And do you when you're buying ever
Wonder where the money goes
You buy your photocopy clothes
Feel it like a body blow
Pocketknife jack-knife
Peeping Tom lady?


And do you when you're dying ever
Curse the cocky juggernaut
Cocky bugger juggernaut,
Boss mob topdog,
Jellyhead that ran you down
And feels you up?


jellyhead/topdog/NUMBER ONE/big gun/
big gun/dead loss/number one?/get lost/
you make your money/for the big gang/
for the big man/big bang/you take the
money/sell your body/to the top dog/big
knob/jellyhead/drop dead/they take your
money/take your money/CBI/EMI/CBS/
SPG/ICI/EEC/SAS/BBC/big deal/big
wheel/dry run/for the big gun/
NUMBER ONE/big gun/sit tight/
you're all right/you pay the price/jesus
christ/you pay the price/a dead loss/
take the money/sell your body/
jellyhead/topdog/boss mob/big knob/
big deal/big wheel/big gun/