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Escaping the Prism – Fade into Black, by Jalil Muntaqim: Book Review by Phyllis Taub Greenleaf

This book is a powerful tapestry of Scholarship, Activism and Poetry. The Personal with the Political gives this book balance and magnetism!

During the time when key leaders of the Black Panther Party were assassinated by FBI operatives while asleep in their beds, Jalil Muntaqim, a new member of the BPP, was arrested just before his 20th birthday.

Incarcerated in California and New York for the past 47 years, Muntaqim’s essays and poetry in ESCAPING THE PRISM are a living testimony to one man’s creativity, resilience and commitment to justice for himself, and all political prisoners in our “so called” ...........READ MORE


January 20, Buffalo: Looking at the US White Working Class Historically book release

WHEN: 7pm, Saturday, January 20, 2017
WHERE: Burning Books, 420 Connecticut Street, Buffalo

Can White People Be Organized Against Racism? A Multi-Racial and Multi-Generational Approach: Launch party for David Gilbert’s Looking at the U.S. White Working Class Historically with Naomi Jaffe, co-founder of New York State Prisoner Justice Network and former member of the Weather Underground; Jerome Wright, Upstate Organizer for the Campaign for Alternatives to Solitary Confinement (CAIC) and founder of the MAN (Mentoring and Nurturing) Program; and Katie Schaffer, Statewide Organizer for JustLeadershipUSA and Leadership Team member of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)-NYC.

David Gilbert ...........READ MORE


January 11 in Baltimore: Freedom For Political Prisoners Night!

WHERE: Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse, 30 W North Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
WHEN: Thursday, January 11, 2018 from 7:30 PM – 9 PM

Join us as we launch the 2018 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar! Former political prisoner and Real News Network producer and host Eddie Conway, former ELF political prisoner and Certain Days collective member Daniel McGowan, and Morgan State University professor and journalist Dr. Jared Ball will lead a discussion on political prisoner David Gilbert’s new book, Looking at the US White Working Class Historically, and also discuss the importance of supporting political ...........READ MORE


Say NO to the New Package Restrictions in NYS Prisons

We need your help! NYS DOCCS is piloting a new program that will harm people in prison and their loved ones. This change in policy will harm our editors as well as 52,000 other people imprisoned in New York State.

Beginning in January 2018, people at Greene, Green Haven and Taconic Correctional Facilities will no longer be able to receive packages directly from family members or friends. All packages must be ordered through an approved vendor. In September 2018, this policy will apply to ALL 54 prisons in New York State.

This policy is pro-business and anti-family. It is harmful ...........READ MORE


DECEMBER 15TH: AGAINST PRISONS, RACISM AND REPRESSION! A Certain Days calendar and Kersplebedeb book launch

(français suivra)

A Certain Days calendar and Kersplebedeb book launch

Friday December 15th at 6pm
QPIRG Concordia (Suite 204, 1500 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, metro Guy Concordia)


This will be a triple launch, of:

* the 2018 Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar

* political prisoner David Gilbert’s recent book Looking at the U.S.
White Working Class Historically

* J. Sakai’s long-awaited The “Dangerous Class” and Revolutionary
Theory: Thoughts on the Making of the Lumpen/Proletariat / Mao Z’s
Revolutionary Laboratory and the Role of the Lumpen Proletariat

There will be ...........READ MORE


Time Running Out for Regular Shipping to Arrive by Dec. 25th!

U.S. Deadline: December 8th
Canada Deadline: December 11th

Just a heads up for all of you that care and who are in the united states, there are not too many days left to place your orders with in order for us to be able to mail them off to get to you by December 25th. Any orders places after next Friday, December 8th may not arrive until after the 25th.

If you are in canada, you have a little bit longer, but not much: orders we receive after Monday December 11th cannot be guaranteed to arrive by the 25th. ...........READ MORE


Austerity Apparatus Book Launch, Ottawa November 25!

Join us for a book release and discussion of J. Moufawad-Paul’s new book Austerity Apparatus in room 307 of University of Ottawa’s GSAED Building at 5pm on November 25th!

Austerity Apparatus is an excursion through a variety of concepts surrounding capitalist crisis and class struggle. Written as a series of interconnected meditations on the problematic issues of austerity, it is meant to invoke reflection on the ways in which contemporary capitalism conditions its subjects to accept its limits.

J. Moufawad-Paul lives in Toronto and works as a casualized contract professor in philosophy at York University. JMP blogs regularily at MLM ...........READ MORE


Nov. 25 + Nov. 26: Expozine 2017!

Saturday Nov. 25 / samedi le 25 novembre, de 11h00 à 18h00
Sunday Nov. 26 / dimanche le 26 novembre, de 11h00 à 18h00

Église Saint-Denis, 454 Laurier E. ( accessible entry/ en fauteuil roulant 5050 Berri )

Gratuit – Free


Avec plus de 250 éditeurs à Expozine 2017, c’est l’occasion exceptionnelle de plonger dans l’univers décalé des éditeurs, écrivains et artistes indépendants locaux et internationaux, et de rencontrer en personne le milieu des petits éditeurs montréalais, francophone et anglophone.

With more than 250 participating publishers, Expozine 2017 is an exceptional opportunity to dive into today’s small press and ...........READ MORE


Lancement du calendrier Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners

jeudi le 7 décembre de 17h30 à 19h30

à L’Euguélionne, librairie féministe
1426 Beaudry, Montreal, Quebec


* This event will be in French, with whisper translation into English.
Please scroll down for English information*

On vous invitent au lancement montréalais du calendrier Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners 2018: Awakening Resistance

Le calendrier Certain Days est un projet conjoint de financement et d’éducation entre des de Montréal, Toronto, New York, et les prisonniers politiques David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes et Herman Bell, emprisonnés dans l’État de New York.

  • L’événement est gratuit. Des copies du calendrier seront vendus
...........READ MORE

Support Herman Bell’s Attempt at Parole

We’re writing to ask if you are able to write a letter in support of Herman Bell’s next parole attempt, which will be taking place in February 2018. As you probably all know, it’s been a difficult fall for Herman, as he was assaulted viciously by guards earlier this year. However, his health is recovering and he has been so deeply touched by all of the support that he was showered with from all of you. And of course beating the charges was such an incredible win!

Because of the tremendous support Herman received behind the assault, and because ...........READ MORE