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Huge database of pictures, video played key role in tracking G20 suspects

Source: Huge database of pictures, video played key role in tracking G20 suspects, TIMOTHY APPLEBY, THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Shortly after accused U.S. rioter Kevin Chianella flew to Toronto’s Pearson Airport earlier this month and surrendered to police, he learned of the huge database – tens of thousands of images and video clips – that had been assembled.

Mr. Chianella, 20, of New York, is facing 53 criminal charges, including arson, arising from the June, 2010, weekend when foes of the G20 summit burned four police cars, smashed dozens of windows, ran amok through the city core – causing ...........READ MORE

Of Prison Bondage by Jose Villarreal

Today’s social reality for the oppressed under Amerika continues to sport a paint job dripping from a colonizer’s brush of centuries past. Our deluge of oppression has reached a stage of sophistication where even many of the left have become hoodwinked into the myth of a “colorblind” era where even the highest seat of Imperialist power comes in off white. The truth is far from what the bourgeois media attempts to pass off as impartial news. In fact what society, particularly in Amerika, has entered in recent decades is not a “colorblind” era but an oppression-blind era.

The old slave ...........READ MORE

The Rock, April 2013, vol. 2 #4

Editorial by Ed Mead

As regular readers know, there has been much discussion in recent issues regarding the question of interracial celling. Some have said I let fools get into my head, or even worse. For those folks I would suggest they read the first letter on page seven (“Another Voice”). While I talked about dope-fiends and the like in my December editorial, I was only aiming at those who only want out of the SHU so they can go back to the destructive practices that got them in there in the first place—practices that have transformed the California prisons ...........READ MORE




*_(SVP faire circuler massivement dans vos réseaux)_

( English below )

*Le COBP est présentement à la recherche de personnes qui ont étés victimes de l’offensive policière lors de la manifestation du 15 mars 2013. Nous souhaitons coordonner la contestation des contraventions, intenter d’autres recours contre les abus du SPVM ainsi que placer des plaintes en déontologie policière.*



Patriarchy and the Movement, the Video

The above is the video of the February 28 panel on patriarchy in the movement that took place in Seattle at the Red and Black Cafe. Good presentations, laying out the basic ABCs of why anti-patriarchal and anti-racist politics constitute litmus tests for any revolutionary movement, while describing some of the places where movement practice has been woefully inadequate. ...........READ MORE

The Rock, March 2013, vol. 2 #3

Editorial by Ed Mead

The January issue of Rock was censored at Pelican Bay because of an article that started on page four and ended on page seven. The title of the article was “PBSP – SHU, Short Corridor Representatives Responsive Opposition to CDCR’s October 11, 2012 STG Pilot Program”, and was written on December 3rd. In this issue I am being extra careful not to print anything that may raise the ire of Pelican Bay’s censorship police.

Again, victims of the thought police should ?le 602s and go through the entire administrative appeal process. The censorship issue is getting ...........READ MORE

An Open Response Letter to the New Afrikan Black Panther Party with regard to it’s Position Paper titled: Black Liberation in the 21st Century: A Revolutionary Reassessment of Black Nationalism

An Open Response Letter to the New Afrikan Black Panther Party with regard to it’s Position Paper titled: Black Liberation in the 21st Century: A Revolutionary Reassessment  of Black Nationalism

(from The Amazons-August Third Collective; NAPLA)

Revolutionary Greetings!

We are aware of no less than ten (10) responses already written by various comrads across the board regarding this specific piece, & as far as We can tell, most points have been touched on & amplified to the extent of offering clarity with regard to the myriad of ideological & theoretical entanglement.  Admittedly, some comrads have gone a bit further, We ...........READ MORE

Rock Vol.2 #2

The latest issue of Rock is out; this is a newsletter produced by former political prisoner Ed Mead with content for and by prisoners at Pelican Bay.

Pelican Bay’s SHU is an isolation torture unit where people spend years and even decades in solitary confinement, deprived of all human contact. A couple of years ago prisoners at the SHU successively initiated two of the largest prisoner hunger strikes in u.s. history, with thousands refusing food for weeks on end, demanding some very basic and minimal reforms. Despite wily promises from the prisoncrats, we are two years later with little to ...........READ MORE

The Gendered Body Public: Egypt, Sexual Violence and Revolution

Politically, sexual violence constitutes both a form of terrorism against its target, and an act of affirmation for the rapists and those who identify with them. It is not normally a form of “horizontal violence” – that would imply that other than this unfortunate slip-up, perpetrator and target would both share the same class position and interests. The prevalence of sexual violence, and its intractability, speaks against this naive theory.

Rather than depoliticizing this question, sexual violence should be understood as a form of oppressive violence meant to either establish or defend hierarchies between people. Keeping some people – overwhelmingly ...........READ MORE

Divided World Divided Class Reviewed and Discussed by Matthijs Krul and others

Divided World Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism is a book published by Kersplebedeb as part of the Kalikot Book Series  (and available from back in September of last year.

Divided World Divided Class charts the history of the ‘labour aristocracy’ in the capitalist world system, from its roots in colonialism to its birth and eventual maturation into a full-fledged middle class in the age of imperialism. It argues that pervasive national, racial and cultural chauvinism in the core capitalist countries is not primarily attributable to ‘false class consciousness’, ideological indoctrination or ...........READ MORE