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Sanyika Shakur

Sanyika Shakur, August Third Collective, On July 1 Hunger Strike

Due to the recent strike, i only received this letter dated June 13 a few days ago:

i was given an indeterminate SHU term in 1989, for being a threat to the institutional security. The CDC cited writings i had from Comrade-Brotha George, exercising in military fashion with known revolutionaries & conducting joint military manoeuvres with other formations in the New Afrikan Independence Movement. i came up for an “inactive” review in 2008, but the political police said my name was found on a roster of known & active members of various formations in the cell of a New Afrikan ...........READ MORE

Sanyika Shakur On Meditations: A Weapon for Struggle

We have here ideo-theoretical gold. A presentation of New Afrikan Communism so profound, clear & precise that if utilized correctly & with consistency, will raise consciousness & sharpen practice. The material here in Yaki’s Meditations On Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth, runs comprehensively thru a coherent theme: a brief preface by Comrad Hondo; an editorial introduction allowing the reader to “meet” Our late comrad Yaki – which does a great job at highlighting some of the political & social circumstances & conditions that ultimately shaped this illustrious Brotha into the dynamic New Afrikan Communist he became. ...........READ MORE