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Butch Lee

Night-Vision Reviewed by bell hooks

Night-Vision: Illuminating War and Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain is one of the most important books i distribute. Drawing on the spirit and momentum of the 20th century women’s liberation and national liberation movements, Amazon theorist Butch Lee and Red Rover ground these in class, and then proceed to overturn the apple-cart, revealing how at one and the same time the revolutionary movements of the anti-imperialist period were vital and beautiful and essential….… Read the rest

There’s Fighting in Iraq but the Real Women’s War is in Afrika

Amazons need a different viewpoint of our own on world reality, and it has to be a military viewpoint. If someone isn’t waving a gun, women don’t think it’s military. But patriarchal capitalism doesn’t see it that way. With a wink and a nod, they know that in their world it all can be military—whether we are told to call it economics, nation-building, recreation or health.… Read the rest

Introduction :: The Military Strategy of Women and Children

The words that follow should be understood not as newly found ideas but as geological strata underneath our feet. Almost twenty years ago i began an exploration to answer one question – how can women make revolutionary change? These first few essays/chapters represent ideas that radical women as a whole were trying to use as starting tools against patriarchy.… Read the rest

Women Need A World View

This is an Amazon training exercise. Because i come from political movements that failed at explaining the present or radaring the storms moving in from the future. (Let’s leave aside the point that previous movements of rebellion often claimed “victories” that were really defeats).… Read the rest