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David Gilbert

Interview With David Gilbert (02/04/1985)

QUESTION: On October 6, 1983 you were sentenced to a minimum of 75 years and a maximum of life in prison. How do you feel about facing life in prison?

I certainly don’t like being in prison, but it would be worse if I had lost my commitment to fight a system which is such an incredible destroyer of human life and dignity. As for the 75 years, well imperialism isn’t going to last that long. Nor do I think I will spend my natural life in prison. A revolutionary can be killed, inside our outside, but if we are ...........READ MORE

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Looking at the White Working Class Historically (David Gilbert, 1984)

This essay appears within David Gilbert’s 2017 book by (close to) the same name, available from

One of the supreme issues for our movement is summed-up in the contradictions of the term “white working class”. On one hand there is the class designation that should imply, along with all other workers of the world, a fundamental role in the overthrow of capitalism. On the other hand, there is the identification of being part of a (“white”) oppressor nation.Historically, we must admit that the identity with the oppressor nation has been primary. There have been times of fierce struggle around ...........READ MORE