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KNOW YOUR ENEMY? Q & A on Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban, and the CIA (J. Sakai & Butch Lee)

Q. I heard President Bush say that after the World Trade Towers massacre, America must support a new “crusade” to wipe out Islamic terrorism worldwide.

A. Millions of people in the Muslim world were stunned at his choice of words. Since the original “crusades” were the mass invasions of the Middle East by feudal European armies bent on looting, slaughter and colonial conquest (all in god’s name, of course). It would be like the Mayor of New York City announcing that to fight drugs New Yorkers had to support a new “lynching”. Maybe Bush was truthful there, for once.

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Primary Loathing: Is it Real or Is It Memorex? (March 2008)

You got to hand it to patriarchal capitalism. Just when we thought that the Bushites were on the run, and maybe ku klux klan civilization’s day is over, they come up with some stunning new maneuver. Like this man of theirs, Barak Obama. A biologically white woman versus a biologically African-American man wrestling live on television for the… white man’s big toilet seat of power? This is a mutant, science-fiction moment. So what is it with the Obama Show, anyhow?

There’s a split screen with Obama, the interesting story and the boring story.

We all keep hearing the interesting story, ...........READ MORE


When Race Burns Class: Settlers Revisited (An Interview with J. Sakai)

EC: Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat is a book which had a major impact on many North American anti-imperialists. How did this book come about, and what was so new about its way of looking at things?

JS: Settlers  completely came about by accident, not design. And what was so “new” about it was that it wasn’t “inspiring” propaganda, but took up the experience of colonial workers to question how class really worked. It wasn’t about race, but about class. Although people still have a hard time getting used to that – it isn’t race or sex that’s the ...........READ MORE

Exchange on “Thoughts” (Feb. 13/2000)

What follows is an email exchange on L.B.’s  Some Preliminary Thoughts on Modern Class Structure

Hello again, LB. Sorry, got pulled away for a few. Had to wander around gaza eyeless for awhile, waiting for my eyeballs to adjust to my new eyeglass lens. Then there was backed-up mail, and watering my tiny sprout of a job, and meetings…

By the way, your manila envelope came yesterday. Thank you much for the interesting clippings. The story on the new supertech army “rifle” ala Rube Goldberg was amusing. Reminds me of the special version of the M3 submachinegun they once produced ...........READ MORE

Some Preliminary Thoughts About Modern Class Structure


A scientific understanding of classes is indispensable for proletarian revolutionaries. Without at least some basic elements of an up-to-date class analysis, it is impossible to formulate workable revolutionary strategy or, in fact, to understand the most essential features of social life.

Classes are large groups of people with important common material interests. Of course, many other social groupings–including nations, races and genders–have material interests too. What sets classes apart is the fact that their common material interests are rooted in the specific relationships they have to the process of production. The class structure, in fact, is precisely the way ...........READ MORE