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Chad Landrum


The CDC’s shameless attempt to suppress the tragic loss of life of three recent hunger strikers has inevitably failed in the whole, despite the fact that it still refuses to knowledge its own complicity with regards to the particular details surrounding these deaths. The essential facts are widely known among the prison masses.

This comes as no surprise for those of us familiar with the practices of the CDC. Yet for those naïve to the CDC’s duplicity, there are valuable lesson to be learned from all of this. With respect to the three men who needlessly lost their lives, it ...........READ MORE

Marxist Materialism versus Idealism

Dialectical  materialism  teaches   us that   the   external  world   (matter) is reflected   by our  brains  through our five senses- sight,  hearing, smell,  taste and  touch. What  is first  perceived through the five senses is “perceptual knowledge.” When enough perceptual knowledge has accumulated in our brains,  perceptual knowledge  leaps  to “conceptual knowledge” (the formation  of  ideas,   theories, plans,  measures, etc.); that is, from objective matter to subjective  consciousness, from   existence to ideas.

We then  test  the “truth” of our  ideas  by putting them  into  practice; that  is, transforming subjective consciousness back into objective matter,  from  ideas back into existence.  Those   ideas  that  ...........READ MORE

Capitalism and Prisons

Part I

All matter possesses the property of reflection, i.e., the ability to react and reconstruct itself internally under external influences. Therefore reflection must always, and can only, take place between two or more bodies interacting on one another.

For example, as a result of the chemical composition of iron, once oxygen and moisture come into contact and began exerting their influence upon it, the iron begins to chemically reconstruct itself internally by creating a coat of ferric-oxide (rust) in reaction to these external influences.

Although unlike inorganic matter which reflects the world in an unconscious and subjective way, we ...........READ MORE

Rehabilitation and Revolution?

In June of 2005 California began opening the 5,000 man Kern Valley State Prison in Delano, the third most recent prison in the state’s prison expansion boom. In January of 2006, when the prison is expected to be fully operating, prison officials boast that it will be the first maximum security level IV in California with a variety of academic and vocational education programs. These academic and vocational programs, prison officials claim, is meant to “increase an offender’s chances of reentering society successfully.”

Academic and vocational programs are progressive and should be welcomed by all prisoners (so long as they’re ...........READ MORE

Combatting Wrong Ideas from Huey Newton Late in Life

Greetings and my best to you. I read your piece, “Huey P. Newton – revisited.” I found it extremely interesting although at this point the depth of my knowledge of Newton’s writings is still insufficiently shallow, so I’ll limit myself to those issues you raised.

Newton and those around him were by far the most theoretically advanced within the settler empire at that time. Although they were not infallible, and it is from their mistakes, as well as their successes, that lessons must be drawn. There is an abundance of material written and practical experiences to draw from. From the ...........READ MORE