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J Sakai


Learning from an Unimportant Minority: Race politics beyond the official white/black paradigm, with J. Sakai

Race is all around us, as one of the main structures of capitalist society. Yet, how we talk about it and even how we think about it is tightly policed. Everything about race is artificially distorted as a White/Black paradigm. Instead, we need to understand the imposed racial reality from many different angles of radical vision.… Read the rest


Settlers: Chp VI, Part 2

VI. The U.S. Industrial Proletariat
2. Industrial Unionism

As U.S. imperialism stumbles faster and faster into its permanent decline, once again we hear the theory expressed that some poverty and the resulting mass economic struggles will create revolutionary consciousness in Euro-Amerikan workers.Read the rest

The Shock of Recognition

Looking at Hamerquist’s Fascism & Anti-Fascism
by J. Sakai
(an excerpt from Confronting Fascism: Discussion Documents for a Militant Movement)

The Superman is a symbol, the exponent of this anguishing and tragic period of crisis that is traversing European consciousness while searching for new sources of pleasure, beauty, ideal.… Read the rest

G20 or Bust

The following was written by J. Sakai in response to the G20 “debate” on the left in the hot summer of 2010:

The biggest problem with the “Mr. Black Bloc Has Fun in Toronto” debate, is that it’s so unrealistic. More like the two-dimensional scenery “flats” on school theatrical stages.… Read the rest

Zolo Agona Azania and David Gilbert, Two Teachers Out of Prison

No SurrenderDavid Gilbert – NO SURRENDER: writings from an anti-imperialist political prisoner.  Arm The Spirit/Guillen. 2004. 284p. Paperback book.  $20.00

Zolo Agona Azania – Money & Power: Hook or Crook. Kersplebedeb. 2004. 53p. Pamphlet.  $3.95

In the 1960s it was common for protesters on the streets to get their ideas right through the bars–from the fiery scribes of the prison revolutionaries like George Jackson, Eldridge Cleaver and Malcolm X.… Read the rest


Settlers, Chp.1 Part 2


Part II. Struggles and Alliances (pp. 12-19)

The popular political struggles of settler Amerika — the most important being the 1775-83 War of Independence — gave us the first experience of alliances between Euro-Amerikan dissenters and oppressed peoples.… Read the rest


Settlers, Chp VII, Part IV

Chapter VII
Part IV. The CIO’s Integration & Imperialist Labor Policy
The CIO played an important role for U.S. imperialism in disorganizing and placing under supervision the nationally oppressed. For the first time masses of Third World workers were allowed and even conscripted into the settler trade unions.… Read the rest