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Sanyika Shakur


The Prevention of Our Breathing and Catching Our Second Wind, by Sanyika Shakur

  • We Can’t Breathe without control of our destiny!
  • We Can’t Breathe under neo-colonialism!
  • We Can’t Breathe with capitalism’s hands around our throats!
  • We Can’t Breathe under bourgeois democracy!
  • We Can’t Breathe under genocidal violence!
  • We Can’t Breathe under imperialism!
  • The Can’t Breathe in overcrowded u.s. prisons!
  • We Can’t Breathe under amerikan dyseducation!
  • We Can’t Breathe believing the lies that we are amerikans!
  • We Can’t Breathe as soldiers in your military!
  • We Can’t Breathe under reformist slogans like “No justice No peace!”
  • We Can’t Breathe being mis-led by oppo-same preachers, teachers & presidents!
  • We Can’t Breathe under your pledge of allegience,
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On Ferguson (by Sanyika Shakur)

As long as We beg, hat in hand, the enemy culture to indict one of their own (for a job well done) in the killing of one or ten of our nationals, We will continue to be disappointed, dismayed, mystified, and confused.

Why would they bow to our pressure of spontaneous riots, of petty looting, of collective prayers, and senseless begging? “Power concedes nothing without a demand,” let us remember. As long as We confine our demands within the small neocolonial confines of this system it will maneuver our rants and raves into any one of its blind alleys of ...........READ MORE


A Response to the NABPP-PC’s Chairman Shaka Zulu from Sanyika Shakur

“There is a categorical difference, often overlooked, between trying to describe an event that has already happened … and trying to describe one that has yet to happen – and one, in addition, for which there is no precedent, or even near precedent, in history. Lacking experience to guide our thoughts and impress itself on our feelings, we resort to speculation. But speculation, however brilliantly it may be carried out, is at best only a poor substitute for experience. Experience gives us facts, whereas in pure speculation we are thrown back on theory, which has never been a very reliable ...........READ MORE


New Book from Sanyika Shakur: Stand Up, Struggle Forward!

“It was over 20 years ago that the book Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member exploded on the scene and gave us all a front row seat to explore the genocidal brutality of the neo-colonial world of gangbanging. A world that exists at the expense of New Afrikan communities and New Afrikan youth in particular, through our social savage way of attempting to gain power through AK’s, bats and beat downs … it was in the belly of the beast (prison) that ‘Monster’ underwent a revolutionary transformation, dissecting and re-building himself from the inside out, slaying the colonial ...........READ MORE

To Be Like…

To be a lapdog of u.s. imperialism you have to be like mindless soldiers who voluntarily sign up to oppress other poor people. You have to be a mindless entertainer – while on BET you floss a street swag in an attempt to fool the youth into believing you are in the same position as them – then you run off to the whitest house to do a Motown revue or cut on the lights of a Christmas tree, where you rub elbows with other collaborators and oppressors smiling, soft shoeing and doing your best impression of ‘high culture’. ...........READ MORE

The Reverse Nuremberg Defense, Or The Robot Defense

Sanyika Shakur

After the second imperialist war, in which the u.s., France and Britain smashed on Italy, Japan and Germany, the victors put on a show trial in Nuremberg, Germany, where a clutch of Nazi functionaries were tried for war crimes, convicted and subsequently hanged or shot. (To be fair, however, some were acquitted and others given lengthy prison sentences and spared the death penalty.) ...........READ MORE

Study and Struggle: An Overstanding

Who Are We, those of us who would build a national ‘black’ prisoners organization? There is much hard evidence to show that as each day passes, more and more ‘black’ prisoners identify themselves as New Afrikans and work on behalf of the New Afrikan Independence Movement.” (emphasis in original)
– Atiba Shanna, Notes from a New Afrikan P.O.W., Journal, Book Three ...........READ MORE

Banned Publication

To:  Warden of Pelican Bay–SHU
Fr:  Sanyika Shakur, D#07829/C-7-112
Re: Banned Publication

Dear Sir,

It has recently been brought to my attention that my first book, Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member (Grove/Atlantic, 1993), has been added to the ever growing list of banned and otherwise restricted books allowed in Pelican Bay’s Security Housing Unit. ...........READ MORE

Pathology of Patriarchy: A Search for Clues at the Scene of the Crime

“The great divide between humans and animals provided a standard by which to judge other people, both at home and elsewhere.If the essence of humanity was defined as consisting of a specific quality or set of qualities, such as reason, intelligible language, religion, culture, or manners, it followed that anyone who did not fully possess those qualities was “subhuman”. ...........READ MORE