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Police Infiltrating Militant Anti-Fascists in UK

Revelations of cop who infiltrated Youth Against Racism in Europe during the 1993-1997 period – he engaged in violence alongside antifa, had sex with his antifa “targets”, and eventually became a leading figure in various campaigns.

As this pig brags today, “My role was to provide intelligence about protests and demonstrations, particularly those that had the potential to become violent. In doing so, the campaigns I was associated with lost much of their effectiveness, a factor that ultimately hastened their demise.”

During the 1990s there was lively debate on this side of the Atlantic about the degree to which antifa ...........READ MORE

Comments on Confronting Fascism by Milton Takei

(Kersplebedeb Note: I received the following email from Mr Takei, who had just read the book Confronting Fascism that i co-published in the summer of 2002 (along with ARA Chicago and Arsenal magazine). I wrote back, suggesting that he may want to write a review for my site, and he replied that i should just post his comments as he sent them originally, thus the letter-style format of this review…)



I would like to make some comments on the book, Confronting Fascism . I hope that you will forward this message to Hamerquist, Sakai, Salotte, and other interested ...........READ MORE

Don Hamerquist’s “Fascism & Anti-Fascism” reviewed by S. Rosedale

reviewed in Antidote #3 by S. Rosedale

“For much of the U.S. left, fascism is little more than an epithet – simply another way to say ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’ applied loosely to quite different social movements as well as to various aspects and elements of capitalist reaction. But for those with more of a ‘theoretical bent’ fascism in essence is, and always has been, a ‘gorilla’ form of capitalism. That is, fascism is a system of capitalist rule that would be more reactionary, more repressive, more imperialist, and more racist and genocidal than current ‘normality’ of ruling class policy. ...........READ MORE

Confronting Fascism Reviewed by Reviewed by Matthew Lyons

Ever since Italy’s fasci di combattimento rocketed Benito Mussolini to power in 1919-22, leftists have been grappling with the question of fascism — what it is and how to fight it. Fascism is a complex, contradictory enemy. It murders and vilifies leftists but often calls itself the true force for socialism and revolution. It bolsters oppression and supremacism, but overturns old hierarchies and feeds on real grievances against elites. It rules by violence and fear, but depends on active mass support to win and keep power. It glorifies a romantic image of the past, but proclaims a New Order and ...........READ MORE

Should We Join the White Militia Movement? by Ken Tengu

No, this isn’t a joke. This current of questioning has quietly been drifting around the different island shoals of white radicalism for some time. Finally, someone has pushed it out into print, where it can be judged. That someone is James Murray, an anarchist who proudly proclaims himself a gun-bearing Militia member, and whose supposed goal is to join other angry white men in creating “Disorder…Tribal violence and internecine war” to bring down the automated New World Order. Debating him is Dave Stock, who works with the Southern California anti-racist journal Turning the Tide.  Their exchange can be checked out ...........READ MORE

On peak oil, climate change, overpopulation, and fascism


This essay was originally written for the Three-Way Fight anti-fascist blog ( in the late fall of 2005. I’m not sure if it ever appeared there or not, though it was serialed in three parts in the first three 2006 issues of Turning the Tide (available from The essay was a response to small section of an essay by Don Hammerquist. His essay was part of a larger exchange between him and Stan Goff about imperialism and fascism, which is linked to on the Three-Way Fight blog but can be accessed directly at . ...........READ MORE


Antifascism and Violence

These thoughts are provoked by a number of recent incidents: the assault on Sofia Papazoglou in Greece, bricks thrown through the windows of anti-racists in Bridgeland, Alberta, threats from Blood and Honour boneheads against Barricade Books in Australia, an autonomist youth center burned down by neo-nazis in Germany, as well as the successful dwarfing of a four-person (!) neo-nazi “rally” in the Twin Cities … the list goes on. i don’t think it’s so much a sign of an upsurge in actual activity – though the combination of a Democrat in the whitest house and the economic crisis has pushed ...........READ MORE


The Crisis Is Here

We have entered a new stage of struggle, a new moment of possibility and danger.

Western Europe is in the news; Iceland’s government has fallen, hundreds of thousands from across the political spectrum shut down France for a day, and now a wave of wildcat strikes is giving England’s government a much-deserved kick in the teeth.

Lets not fool ourselves: if this is news it’s because it’s Western Europe. It’s been two weeks since riots broke out in Lithuania and Bulgaria, with one business publication worrying that Hungary and Estonia might be next. And my morning paper makes no ...........READ MORE

Confusion: Why Do Civil Rights Watchdog Groups Care About the Earth Liberation Front?

artwork by Brian Bowes (

The following on the scumbags in the ADL and SPLC… from the Earth First! journal, worth reading, worth passing on:

Extreme Confusion: Why Do Civil Rights Watchdog Groups Care About the Earth Liberation Front?
By Josh

When federal prosecutors recently likened the Operation Backfire defendants to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), lawyers for the defense were quick to register their shock and disgust. Daniel McGowan’s attorney, Amanda Lee, appropriately condemned the comparison as “appalling,” “historically inaccurate” and “an insult to African-Americans.”

Although many animal rights and environmental activists seem startled by the ...........READ MORE

[Italy] Terraces and Peripheries: Left snobbery and the radical right

The following is an interesting article about the influence of far right ideology on the Italian working class. I’m reposting it here (i first spotted it on the aut-op-sy list) as the dynamic described by Quadrelli is not limited to the European scene. In North America too, despite some differences from the European class structure, the rise of the far right can be traced to the left’s disconnection from the working class.

The person who posted this to aut-op-sy explains that “The text appears in German translation in issue 77 of ‘Wildcat’, although it’s not online yet as ...........READ MORE