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ALERT! Guards harassing LBTQ2+ Prisoners at GVI Women’s Prison!

At Grand Valley Institute for Women (GVI), a federal prison in Kitchener, Ontario (in Canada) there has been a recent crackdown against LBTQ2+ prisoners and/or prisoners in relationships amongst themselves. Intimate relationships between prisoners are being attacked by a clique of guards acting without apparent direction or oversight from the Corrections Canada administration. We need your support with a call-in campaign to end these practises.

Harassment of prisoners includes throwing them in solitary as punishment for being in a relationship, threatening them with transfers to remote parts of the country, separating partners by placing them in different parts of the ...........READ MORE


Eyricka Morgan RIP

Another Black/New Afrikan transwoman has been murdered, more business as usual in this horrible world.

As a 2012 study by GLAAD revealed:

People of color, transgender people, and gender non-conforming people continued to experience higher rates of homicide in 2012. LGBTQH people of color represented 53% of total reported survivors and victims of all hate crimes, but 73.1% of homicide victims. Black and African-American people were particularly overrepresented in the homicide rates: over half of reported hate murders had Black or African-American victims, even though Black and African American people made up only 15% of total survivors and victims ...........READ MORE

Important Stats about New Afrikan Transwomen

A year ago, Ebony magazine published a useful article about CeCe McDonald, the 23-year-old Black transgender woman who was sentenced to 41 months in prison for second-degree manslaughter despite clear evidence that she was simply defending herself from a violent racist and transphobic attack.

It was a good article, and included facts and information of relevance both to McDonald’s case, and more broadly. For instance, that

Studies show that, despite comprising only 8 percent of the LGBTQ community, transgender women account for nearly half of all LGBTQ hate crime murders. Among this group, transgender women of color are nearly ...........READ MORE

Remember the NJ4? Support Patreese Johnson!

On August 18, 2006, seven Black/New Afrikan lesbians from Newark, New Jersey went to Manhattan’s West Village for a night out on the town. As is all too typical, while they were out minding their business a male bystander began to harass and finally assaulted them, making sexist and homophobic comments as well as lewd advances and telling one of the women that he would “Fuck her straight.”

The women defended themselves, and a fight ensued. It ended with all the young women being arrested.

After a hellish year-long trip through the legal system, three of the women took plea ...........READ MORE


Out: The Making of a Revolutionary

Convicted of the 1983 U.S. Capitol Bombing, and “conspiring to influence, change, and protest policies and practices of the United States government through violent and illegal means”, Laura Whitehorn, an out lesbian and one of six defendants in the Resistance Conspiracy Case, spent 14 years in prison. “OUT” is the story of her life and times: five tumultuous decades of struggle for freedom and justice.

Produced by Sonja de Vries & Rhonda Collins; 2000; Color; 60 minutes; US; English.

Learn more about Laura Whitehorn here! ...........READ MORE

Windi Earthworm, Ragged Clown

Windi Earthworm was an institution of the radical anglo left in 1980s Montreal. A crossdressing openly gay street musician who took it upon himself to educate the public about the Vancouver 5, the genocide of Indigenous peoples, the destruction of nature, and the miseries of life under capitalism, Windi was a frequent performer at benefits put on by the scene. Indeed, generally he was by far the most popular act.

Windi was diagnosed HIV+ in the mid-eighties, and had moved to the countryside by 1986 – and when his health started to noticeably deteriorate, he left Quebec for the West ...........READ MORE

Reflections on the Demise of Bash Back!

The following article, “Reflections on the Demise of Bash Back!”, is from the recently released zine Pink and Black Revolution #6, available for download here.

Bash Back! was started in 2007 as a network of queer anarchists to have a specifically queer presence at the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention protests in the summer of 2008 noticing this absence at past mobilizations. Bash Back! quickly expanded, with chapters across the United States. One of the main themes of the 2010 Bash Back! convergence was the assertion “Bash Back! is dead.” I would like to offer some thoughts ...........READ MORE

Arab Queers Say NO to Pinkwashing at the USSF

From the hit-or-miss MRZine, an important statement as one of the most vulnerable sectors of Arab society struggles to resist imperialist manipulation:

Arab Queers Say NO to Pinkwashing at the USSF
by Helem, Al-Qaws, ASWAT, and Palestinian Queers for BDS


We, the undersigned queer Arab organizations, are appalled by the US Social Forum’s decision to allow Stand with Us to utilize the event as a platform to pinkwash Israel’s crimes in the region. Stand with Us is cynically manipulating the struggle of queer people in the Middle East through its workshop entitled ...........READ MORE

HRC: Quit Leaving Queers Out

Although i think the problem is deeper than an establishment organization “leaving queers out”, it brought a smile to my face this morning to read that the HRC had been graffittied by some self-styled “Queers Against Assimilation” last night.

The HRC, or Human Rights Campaign, is the largest LGBT lobby group in the united states, and made the news when prez Obama addressed their fundraiser (live on CNN) Saturday night. While many might think of the HRC as a force opposed to homophobia, within the queer liberation movement the organization has come to symbolize the shift from oppositional activism to ...........READ MORE

Locked Out 2009

LockedOut is a resource list for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer prisoners in the U.S. The list is free, but stamps are always welcome. Requests for books, legal aid, or pen pals will not be answered.

i am posting the 2009 list here ; please note that it is also available as a PDF from

LockedOut is a resource list for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer prisoners in the U.S. The list is free, but stamps are always welcome. Requests for books, legal aid, or pen pals will not be answered.

c/o Prison Book Project
P.O. ...........READ MORE