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Not quite Stonewall: 40 years later the cops haven’t changed, but we have

protesting the raid on the Eagle

From Solidarity, a look at a police raid on an Atlanta leather bar, and reasons for the timid protest that followed:
Not quite Stonewall:
40 years later the cops haven’t changed, but we have by giselda
September 15, 2009

“Hey, Red Dog: Bored with Grandmothers?” Those words, scribbled with marker on a makeshift sign, lingered above a crowd mostly confused by their meaning. Who was Red Dog and what grandmother? In other communities in Atlanta, away from the gentrifying “gayborhoods” of Midtown, that sign could probably escape any need for clarification. This ...........READ MORE

Lesbophobic Violence in South Africa

Eudy Simelane, Victim of Lesbophobic Murder

The following from

Gender: the ugly truth
Article By: Justine Gerardy
Wed, 02 Sep 2009 10:34

Songs for Eudy Simelane filter into the courtroom where dozens wait, with flasks of coffee and endless patience, for the men accused of the lesbian footballer’s gang-rape and murder.

Meanwhile, far from the narrow wooden benches in the sterile courtroom, South Africans have whipped up an outpouring of near-hysterical patriotism for returning gender row champion Caster Semenya.

The parallels are striking: Simelane and Semenya are top sportswomen from humble backgrounds with muscular “butch” builds that defy ...........READ MORE

Back Roads Zine

The following reposted here from a local queer mailing list:

If you are a transsexual, transgender, or gender variant person who has physically transitioned outside of the traditional route, WE WANT YOUR STORY!

For people who wish to physically transition – to change their body in ways related to their gender – there is an established route – a highway if you will – that we are expected to follow. The highway first passes through a place called “therapy” where you are supposed to talk to a shrink and get a diagnosis of “Gender Identity Disorder”. Then, the next stop ...........READ MORE


There’s a Fire Truck on My Ceiling: Windi Earthworm Remembered

Windi Earthworm was an institution of the radical anglo left in 1980s Montreal. A crossdressing openly gay street musician who took it upon himself to educate the public about the Vancouver 5, the genocide of Indigenous peoples, the destruction of nature, and the miseries of life under capitalism, Windi was a frequent performer at benefits put on by the scene. Indeed, generally he was by far the most popular act.

Windi Earthworm, photo by François COUTURE, circa 1979



Michael Ryan has written the following about Windi, who died of AIDS in 1993:

There’s a Fire Truck on My ...........READ MORE

Homocide in Iraq

From Gaywired by way of IntelligentaIndigena:
Iraq is one of only nine countries in the world where homosexual people are executed simply for being gay. While the New York Times reports that Iraqis are now able to “enjoy freedoms unthinkable two years ago,” – women are able to walk the streets unveiled and families can now gather in parks – the atrocities committed against gay men demonstrate that the country is far from achieving acceptable human rights standards.

As the Times notes, “The relative freedom of a newly democratic Iraq and the recent improvement in security have allowed a ...........READ MORE

NY Trans and Queer Activists Criticize Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act

An excellent statement from the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, FIERCE, Queers for Economic Justice, the Peter Cicchino Youth Project and the Audre Lorde Project, about how hate crimes legislation is a bad idea, as is incarceration as a solution to violence in our communities:

SRLP announces non-support of the Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act! April 6, 2009

Dear members of the GENDA coalition and all allies in the struggle for trans liberation:

We write to you today because we are deeply concerned with the version of the Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) that was recently introduced in the New York ...........READ MORE

Queen of the Bolsheviks: The Hidden History of Dr. Marie Equi, by Nancy Krieger

Queen of the Bolsheviks: The Hidden History of Dr. Marie Equi by Nancy Krieger

  • $2.00 from left-wing books dot net
  • Saddle-stitched pamphlet
  • 30 pages
  • Published by Kersplebedeb in 2009
  • ISBN 1-894946-30-8

Now forgotten, Dr. Marie Equi was a physician for working-class women and children, a lesbian, and a dynamic and flamboyant political activist, active first in the women’s suffrage movement and the Progressive Party, and later alongside the IWW.

Spanning the period from the consolidation of northern industrial capitalism to the emergence of the U.S. as the dominant imperialist power, Equi’s life serves as a chronicle of her times and ...........READ MORE

The Roots of Divers/Cite

It’s coming up that time of year again: Divers/Cite, Montreal’s “LBGTA” pride event.

As some know, but too many do not, Pride in Montreal takes place later than in most North American cities, commemorating as it does not Stonewall, but Sexgarage, an after-hours party that was subject to a violent police raid in 1990. A raid that was followed by a queer protest against police brutality which would itself then be violently attacked by the police

Or as party-goer – and photographer – Linda Hammond recalls:
On the evening of Saturday, July 14th, 1990, a party attended by over 400 ...........READ MORE