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There’s Fighting in Iraq but the Real Women’s War is in Afrika


Amazons need a different viewpoint of our own on world reality, and it has to be a military viewpoint. If someone isn’t waving a gun, women don’t think it’s military. But patriarchal capitalism doesn’t see it that way. With a wink and a nod, they know that in their world it all can be military—whether we are told to call it economics, nation-building, recreation or health.

Right now people are seeing by the light of burning cities in the Middle East that it isn’t about terrorism ...........READ MORE

Introduction: The Military Strategy of Women and Children


The words that follow should be understood not as newly found ideas but as geological strata underneath our feet. Almost twenty years ago i began an exploration to answer one question – how can women make revolutionary change? These first few essays/chapters represent ideas that radical women as a whole were trying to use as starting tools against patriarchy. We were focused on what might happen if the world majority of women didn’t learn to take over the leadership of the national liberation movements that were ...........READ MORE


Jailbreak Out of History: the Re-Biography of Harriet Tubman

Childhood & the Gathering Storm Focus on Amazons. About why we deal with real women as myths. Girls who never really existed. Yet and again, are all around us & that we can’t bring ourselves to see. Cause seeing through white men’s eyes is about non-vision of ourselves. So let’s deal with a real Amazon.

Think about Harriet Tubman. Take six months. In fact, take a year & think. Break it on down. What does it mean to be the most famous New Afrikan woman in u.s. history? What does it mean to be stuck in that lie? What’s the ...........READ MORE

Women Need A World View

This is an Amazon training exercise. Because i come from political movements that failed at explaining the present or radaring the storms moving in from the future. (Let’s leave aside the point that previous movements of rebellion often claimed “victories” that were really defeats). We didn’t understand things as basic as winning & losing. Instead of seeing victory & defeat as parts of a contradiction, interdependent and interwoven, we were taught to believe that victories were only a straight line of stepping stones to even more victories. While defeats were something separate blamed on factors outside us, on conditions beyond ...........READ MORE

FOR WOMEN ONLY: The Rape Movement in Iraq & Men’s Anti-War Politics


The following essay follows Butch Lee’s After Anti-War Movements Win or Lose in Iraq… there’s still women

Sister, this discussion is just on time. Because these new men’s wars of the 21st century are just starting up. They are different because they take place within the stage of a greater war, the worldwide war against women and children. Increasingly, women are drawn into wars not only meant to reverse our rising but wars that are over which class of men shall own us and how? Rape wars. For war now is above all about gender.

What ...........READ MORE

Biofuels, Development and Patriarchy

From the May 6, 2008 issue of New Scientist:

The image of biofuels is rapidly tarnishing. Already under fire for displacing food production and tropical forests, they are now charged with marginalising poor rural women.

In a report published on 21 April, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization concludes that women subsistence farmers will be evicted to make way for huge biofuel plantations. The most vulnerable women already suffer extreme inequalities in African, Asian and Caribbean countries. These same countries are now hoping to cash in on the growing demand for biofuels in rich western countries.

“These women don’t ...........READ MORE

Interview with Comrade Parvati of the CPN(M)

i am happy to be able to pass on this brief interview with Hisila Yami, nom de guerre Comrade Parvati, of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). While i am wary of some features of the revolutionary movement in Nepal (see here or here for instance), i am also inspired by aspects of the struggle there, and especially by the theoretical contributions Parvati has made in her essays Women’s Leadership and the Revolution in Nepal and her Interview with People’s March (both of which were published along with a commentary by Butch Lee in the Kersplebedeb pamphlet People’s War ...........READ MORE

Calle Santa Fe: Remembering Those Who Fought

Calle Santa Fe 2007 / 35 mm / Colour / 163 min, Dir. Carmen Castillo, Chile – France.

On October 5th 1974 the Chilean military and political police (DINA) raided a safehouse in a working class neighbourhood in Santiago. Miguel Enriquez, a leader of the underground resistance to Pinochet and a hero of the revolutionary left, was killed and his fellow combatant Carmen Castillo was seriously wounded in a two hour long shoot out.

Castillo, who was six months pregnant at the time, was then dragged into Santa Fe street (“calle Santa Fe”) and left there bleeding as soldiers argued ...........READ MORE