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Slingshot Organizers 2015!

By far the most popular way for anarchists to stay organized, the Slingshot 2015 organizers are here, complete with mini-calendar, daybook planner, address book section, international radical contact list, and nifty what happened on this day notes scattered throughout. The artwork, as ever, is wonderful in a chaotic punk rock way.

Slingshot is a 176 page planner/agenda with radical dates for every day of the year, space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, menstrual calendar, info on police repression, extra note pages, plus much more. Slingshot has a tough layflat binding and ...........READ MORE


Secret Fed Unit Tasked with Co-opting Protests Against Copkillings

From the mainstream St Louis Post-Dispatch, this struck me as usefully revealing: 

The Justice Department’s soft side: How one federal agency hopes to change Ferguson

By David Hunn, October 12th, 2014

FERGUSON • The peacemakers arrived on a Sunday. It was a little more than a day after Michael Brown’s shooting.

They introduced themselves to police and city officials that afternoon. They met with Brown’s family late that night, in a Highway Patrol truck down the street from the Canfield Green apartments.

The two, both mediators with a secretive unit of the U.S. Department of Justice called the Community ...........READ MORE


Fire the Cops! by Kristian Williams

Killer cops and cop-killers, “police as workers” and police as soldiers, copwatching and counterinsurgency operations… these subjects and more are examined in this collection of essays by veteran activist Kristian Williams, released to mark ten years since the first publication of his book Our Enemies in Blue in 2004.

In section one, focusing in on police murders in Portland, Seattle, and Oakland, Fire the Cops! examines the relationship between working-class communities (predominantly Black) and the police, showing how police violence and impunity function to buttress the power of the State, and arguing that the left should recognize the political content ...........READ MORE


2015 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar

The Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar comes out every year, containing short texts and beautiful artwork by political prisoners and prisoners of war, and their supporters. The 2015 calendar is now out, and this year Kersplebedeb (via is handling all orders (of less then 10 calendars – for 10 or more people can contact the calendar collective directly).

Certain Days is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organizers in Montreal and Toronto and three political prisoners being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State: David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes and Herman Bell. ...........READ MORE


Helmut Pohl and Rolf Clemens Wagner ¡presente!

Over the past seven months, two former members of the Red Army Faction
have died.

To learn more about Rolf Clemens Wagner and Helmut Pohl, and also to read recollections of their comrade and friend Ron Augustin, see the following on the germanguerilla website:

See also this interview, with both Wagner and Pohl, which was published by junge Welt on October 17, 2007, and which has been translated by André Moncourt and J. Smith and uploaded to the germanguerilla site: “We Wanted to Push the Revolutionary Process Forward” junge Welt interview with Helmut ...........READ MORE


Windi Earthworm on Queer Corps

Windi Earthworm was an institution of the radical anglo left in 1980s Montreal. A crossdressing openly gay street musician who took it upon himself to educate the public about the Vancouver 5, the genocide of Indigenous peoples, the destruction of nature, and the miseries of life under capitalism, Windi was a frequent performer at benefits put on by the scene. Indeed, generally he was by far the most popular act.

Windi was diagnosed HIV+ in the mid-eighties, and had moved to the countryside by 1986 – and when his health started to noticeably deteriorate, he left Quebec for the West ...........READ MORE


U. of Ottawa Radical Book Fair, w/ Kersplebedeb! (Sept. 4)

As part of OPIRG-GRIPO’s ALT 101 Week, we are proud to welcome Maison Norman Bethune and Kersplebedeb bookstores from Montreal! Browse through radical literature both classic and new to get ready for four years of revolutionary education!

September 4th, 1pm-5pm
UCU Terrace, University of Ottawa (click here for map)

facebook event page 

Dans le cadre de la Semaine ALT 101 de GRIPO, nous sommes fièr.e.s d’accueillir la Maison Norman Bethune et Kersplebedeb, deux libraires de Montréal. Venez garnir votre bibliothèque des livres radicaux en vue de quatre années d’éducation révolutionnaire! ...........READ MORE


THE COUP, REBEL DIAZ and LOON CHOIR @ uOttawa (Semaine ALT 101 Week), Kersplebedeb will be Tabling!

Saturday, September 6, 8:00pm
Terminus, University of Ottawa
facebook event page:

Don’t miss one of the hottest shows in Ottawa this year, as hip hop legends The Coup come all the way from Oakland to deliver their politically-infused beats and groove. New York hip hop crew Rebel Diaz will also bring their radical, catchy tunes while local rising stars Loon Choir will showcase their multiple talents. Prepare for a wild night of revolutionary music at uOttawa’s Terminus!


Ne manquez pas l’un des concerts les plus anticipés de l’année à Ottawa, alors que ...........READ MORE