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Countering Colonization (and other great books)

ft6p3007qj-coverjpg.jpgSo University of California Press has just made 700 of its books available for online reading (to read on a tablet you have to copy paste into some other program and do some conversions). One of these titles, which i can’t recommend highly enough, is Carol Devens’s Countering Colonization: Native American Women and Great Lakes Missions, 1630-1900, a title which has been out of print for some time now.… Read the rest

Blogroll Overhauled

Letting you all know, the Kersplebedeb blogroll has been fixed and is now up and running. Dozens of blogs and other websites are indexed and will have their articles automatically listed.

The godawful wait time that the blogroll has had for the past year – up to several minutes to load!… Read the rest

More Art Against the Racist Charter

Just to letcha all know, a tumblr has been put up by the group Ensemble Contre la Charte, featuring art against the Quebec’s proposed racist Charter of values. You can check it out at

For those of you who are artistically inclined, we are still looking for and accepting artistic contributions, to find out more get in touch at artcontrelacharte@gmail.comRead the rest


Support the Resistance at Elsipogtog

The clash at Elsipogtog has been a clash between the Mi’kmaq Nation and global capitalism itself. Months of resistance, culminating standoffs and battles with colonial police and mass arrests, galvanized support from many nations across “canada”.

Rather than attempt to summarize this conflict here in one post, i suggest readers check out the Warrior Publications blog, a source of excellent analysis and pretty complete coverage of this struggle (and many others too).… Read the rest



It’s December, and it has been a busy year here at Kersplebedeb – getting this new site off the ground, publishing several new books and pamphlets, and just continuing with all the other little tasks, duties, and pleasures that this work brings

As will happen every so often, our storage space is now overflowing with books, and so we need your help to get rid of some.… Read the rest