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David Gilbert and SURJ Webinar: The Necessity of Cross-Class Organizing to end White Supremacy

We are happy to announce an upcoming SURJ webinar: “David Gilbert and SURJ: The Necessity of Cross-Class Organizing to end White Supremacy.” The webinar will take place on Monday, July 23 from 8:00-9:30pm EST/ 5:00-6:30 PST. Register for the webinar, here.

This webinar is part of SURJ’s series of book and film study groups. As part of the webinar we will also launch a study guide to help groups and individuals dive into David Gilbert’s new short book, Looking at the U.S. White Working Class Historically.  You can participate in this webinar by calling in by phone or ...........READ MORE

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New Classes for a New Class Politics (Gabriel Kuhn)

I spent the past weekend writing a German review of the new Kersplebedeb edition of David Gilbert’s Looking at the U.S. White Working Class Historically, originally published in 1984. While the original piece mainly consisted of reviews of three relevant publications – Ted Allen’s pamphlet White Supremacy in the U.S./Slavery and the Origins of Racism, W.E.B. DuBois classic Black Reconstruction in America, and J. Sakai‘s underground favorite Settlers – the new edition contains plenty of extra material, including Gilbert‘s essays „Some Lessons from the Sixties“ (1991) and „After the Sixties: Reaction and Restructuring“ (2017) as well as ...........READ MORE

The Daily News Job Fair at The New Yorker Hotel on January 10, 2007.Thousands lined up for a chance to apply or hand out their resume to a variety of employers.  ( Frances Roberts) (Newscom TagID: lrphotos034999)     [Photo via Newscom]

Surplus Absorption, Realization Crisis, and Imperialism (David Gilbert, November 2015)

David Gilbert, a political prisoner held in New York State since 1981, wrote the following text in 2015, examining the the ways in which capitalism is confronted by, and contends with, crises in surplus absorption and realization, in the imperialist age.

David was not entirely satisfied with this text in the end, however here at Kersplebedeb i thought it actually was pretty thought-provoking and useful, so he agreed that i could put it online, which is what i am doing. For more information about David, including his contact information, please click here



Left authors often describe various ...........READ MORE


Love for Our People: David Gilbert’s No Surrender (reviewed by Chris Crass)

I cry quite often at movement events these days. In political marches, looking out at the delegations and contingents of people from churches, unions, community groups and schools. At conferences, when people speak about how much they love their community and organizations. When I saw the first person jump over the fence to protest against the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, the tears ran down my face as I held hands with the Unitarian Universalist activists I was with. I cry because as I get older, my appreciation for the dedication, hardship, necessity and beauty of left/radical struggle ...........READ MORE

No Surrender: Writings from an Anti-Imperialist Political Prisoner, by David Gilbert, Reviewed by Michael Novick, Editor, Turning the Tide

You may know David Gilbert from his appearance in the recently popular, award-winning documentary “Weather Underground,” which has played in art houses around the US and is now available on DVD. If so, you know he is a warm, engaging, committed, optimistic and insightful person, capable of unflinching self-criticism but unyielding in his sharp critique of the empire, of white and male supremacy, genocide and exploitation. If you haven’t seen that film, or the video “David Gilbert: A Lifetime of Struggle,” you should definitely get them or see them, as well as buying and reading this book of his perceptive ...........READ MORE

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Looking at the White Working Class Historically (David Gilbert, 1984)

This essay appears within David Gilbert’s 2017 book by (close to) the same name, available from

One of the supreme issues for our movement is summed-up in the contradictions of the term “white working class”. On one hand there is the class designation that should imply, along with all other workers of the world, a fundamental role in the overthrow of capitalism. On the other hand, there is the identification of being part of a (“white”) oppressor nation.Historically, we must admit that the identity with the oppressor nation has been primary. There have been times of fierce struggle around ...........READ MORE