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Herman Bell’s charges dropped. moved to Shawangunk!

On September 5th, political prisoner and movement elder Herman Bell was assaulted by guards at Great Meadow Correctional Facility. He sustained multiple injuries, including broken ribs, yet instead of being hospitalized was sent to solitary and brought up on trumped up charges of having assaulted the guards in question. (To learn more about this vicious attack, click here.)

However, the good news is that due to the outpouring of support for Herman and outrage at this brutal and violent assault, he has been told that the charges against him will be dropped, and he has been moved into ...........READ MORE


Dear Friends,

We are asking people to write letters to Anthony Annucci, Commissioner of New York Dept. of Corrections, making the following demands (a sample letter follows that we would like you to use):

  • That Herman Bell be immediately given adequate medical screening and attention at an outside hospital;
  • That CO J Saunders and the other officers responsible for the beating be fired;
  • DROP THE CHARGES – That the ridiculous charges brought against Herman be dropped immediately
  • Mr. Bell should be returned at least to general population (he had been on the Honor Block at Great Meadow and despite his
...........READ MORE

More on the Attack on Herman Bell: A Letter from Attorney Robert Boyle

On September 5, political prisoner Herman Bell was beaten by guards at Great Meadow Correctional Facility. The following letter, by attorney Robert Boyle to Commissioner Anthony Annucci (New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision), sheds additional light on the circumstances behind this vicious attack, and explains what needs to be done.

Supporters of Herman are encouraged to take this time to send him a card or letter, to let him know that we care about him and wish him a speedy recovery, and also to let the prisoncrats know we are watching. Herman can be written to at: ...........READ MORE


Political Prisoner Herman Bell Assaulted

Black Panther Party political prisoner Herman Bell was viciously assaulted by guards at Great Meadow Correctional Facility (Comstock) on September 5, 2017.

While being “escorted” by a guard back to his housing unit, a guard struck Herman, age 69, in the face causing his glasses to drop to the floor. He pushed Herman against the wall, Herman stumbled and fell to the ground. The guard then continued viciously hitting and kicking  Herman. Very soon about 5 other guards arrived and joined in the violent attack, hitting and kicking Herman all over his body. He was also maced in the eye ...........READ MORE

Fax and phone campaign to support Herman Bell & Jalil Muntaqim

Jalil Muntaqim and Herman Bell

Damn! i missed my call yesterday… guess i’ll have to make one today!

People in the campaign to free the San Francisco 8 are asking us all to call New York governor David Patterson every Monday of February to state your support for returning Herman Bell and Jalil Muntaqim to New York for their parole hearings, as a practical way to celebrate Black History Month.

Makes sense to me, as the continued imprisonment of Muntaqim and Bell is an ongoing travesty of justice, one of historical significance no doubt. So pick up the phone and ...........READ MORE