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this image comes from an article in the mcgill daily dealing with some of the issues discussed here, but from the opposite direction, and drawing very different conclusions

Neocolonialism and Noise

this image comes from an article in the mcgill daily dealing with some of the issues discussed here, but from the opposite direction, and drawing very different conclusions


The world has changed over the past fifty years. There are different names for this change — neoliberalism, postmodernism, postfordism, globalization. The term i prefer to use is “neocolonialism”. But despite this clear reference to one specific thing — colonialism, the relationship between oppressor and oppressed nations, which i would argue remains central — the change that has taken place encompasses much more than that, being not just about the fake ...........READ MORE



verb derogatory
gerund or present participle: grandstanding
seek to attract applause or favorable attention from spectators or the media.
“they accused him of political grandstanding”


Just saying: i think there is a connection between neocolonialism as the current phase of global relations, and grandstanding as a personal practice within the multicultural middle class. On all sides.

...........READ MORE

Exodus and Reconstruction

Exodus and Reconstruction: Working-Class Women at the Heart of Globalization


Hundreds of millions of working-class women are flooding out of the countrysides of the world into the cities. In an epic upheaval, pervaded with human suffering, these women are being channeled into the manufacturing and service industries of a radically transformed global economy. This wholesale relocation and reorganization of capitalism’s core work force is at the very heart of globalization.

The exodus of impoverished working-class women is rooted in two historic processes: the destruction of small-scale farming and the rise of a new global system of production and distribution—a system greedy for flexible, exploitable labor. These virtually unstoppable forces ...........READ MORE

FOR WOMEN ONLY: After Anti-War movements win or lose in Iraq… there’s still Women


[A paper critiquing the political assumptions of today’s Anti-War/anti-imperialist activism by J. Sakai – Beyond McAntiwar: notes on finding our footing in the collapsing stageset of u.s. empire – has been circulated in the current issue of the maoist zine 8th Route.  Below is an alternate viewpoint from a “radical Beguine” perspective.]

i like J’s rant. i think we need this kind of reality check. The world situation is changing  with such surprising twists. But yet & again, it still is only from men’s viewpoint. And no matter how radical, that can only dead end somewhere. ...........READ MORE


Night-Vision: Illuminating War & Class On The Neo-Colonial Terrain, review by MC5, MIM Theory December 1993

Although MIM heard that this book had some connection to J. Sakai’s Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat, MIM does not distribute Night-Vision: Illuminating War & Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain. All three books (Settlers, Night Vision, and Settlers sequel False Nationalism, False Internationalism) are essential background material for those preparing for armed struggle in the imperialist countries.

Instead of distributing Night-Vision generally, MIM recommends that its comrades and associates read this in a MIM-sponsored study group. In priorities, MIM study groups should go in the order the books came out. Settlers is ...........READ MORE


New World Dis-Order (Night-Vision reviewed by David Gilbert)

Today’s world is wracked by a proliferation of bitter and bloody conflicts, as divisions and hatreds crack open around a labyrinth of national, ethnic, religious and tribal fault lines. In addition to intolerable pain and suffering, it becomes harder to see where any of it can lead except to planting the seeds for unending generations of strife. Many activists of the 60s have grown nostalgic for that decade when there seemed to be real hope that oppressed – particularly the national liberation struggles – were reshaping the world by creating more humane, societies. Now, in so many situations, we don’t ...........READ MORE


Night-Vision: illuminating War & Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain by Butch Lee & Red Rover, Reviewed by Sunday Harrison of the Bulldozer Collective for Prison News Service

January/February 1994 marks another increase in the struggle against the new global economic assault. Among Mayans of Chiapas in southern Mexico, whose guerrilla offensive began January 1, and South Korean farmers marching 25,000 strong to the US consulate and battling 15,000 riot cops, the spirit of rebellion is fierce. The North American Free Trade Pact, according to the Zapatista movement leading the armed and political resistance, is a death sentence for aboriginal people. The dumping of cheap (subsidized) American corn will devastate the Chiapas region. In return for signing the trade pact with the U.S. and Canada, the Salinas government ...........READ MORE