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Cops are Gangsters

Intro: There are millions of oppressed people inside the borders of the u.s., but I’m not one of them. I come from a privileged background. I’m not the main victim of the police. Nor am I a leader in the growing struggle against police violence. Recognizing how far I am from the front lines, I hesitated to write about cops at all.

 In the end I decided that it’s important for all radicals, whether oppressed or privileged, to struggle for clarity about cops’ place in society.

 There are many kinds of police, ranging from elite national political police like the ...........READ MORE


Montreal: Perspectives on Racism, Colonialism, and Police Violence

Tuesday, October 21 at 6:00pm
1590 Dr. Penfield (Samuel Bronfman Building, Concordia University), corner Côte-des-Neiges

Police violence is everywhere. It is visible not just in police killings, but also in everyday practices of surveillance, profiling, harassment, and coercion. In all of this, racism and colonialism are close by – though not always in the same way.

This event focuses on the connections between racism, colonialism, and police violence. Panelists – all of them active in the fight against police violence – will talk about how violence appears in the policing of migrants; in indigenous communities; and in places like Montréal-Nord, ...........READ MORE


Solidarity with Bobette!

At the last May Day protest, police repression was brutal and a lot of protesters were hurt. Bobette was specifically targeted by the SPVM because of her political activities; they physically attacked her and psychologically harassed her. You can read a summary of what happened to Bobette on May Day afterward. Due to her injuries, Bobette has since then been force to cancel her contracts as a circus artist, which deprives her of income.

Police Impunity Must Stop!

In order, for Bobette, to sue the SPVM for bodily harm as well as moral and material damages, she must raise 4000$ ...........READ MORE


Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of 313 Black People

Monday, April 8, 2013

Contact:     Kali Akuno

For Immediate Release: New Annual Report reveals that 313 Black People were killed in 2012, averaging one every 28 hours

Every 28 hours in 2012 someone employed or protected by the US government killed a Black man, woman, or child! This startling fact is revealed in Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report on the Extrajudicial Killings of 313 Black People by Police, Security Guards, and Vigilantes.

When we started this investigation in early 2012, we knew a serious human rights crisis was confronting the Black community”, says  ...........READ MORE


An important public service announcement regarding police invasions of women’s shelters in canada, from the fine folks at No One Is Illegal Toronto:

OUT OF OUR SHELTERS! OUT OF OUR LIVES! was the message delivered
to the Canada Border Services Agency on March 8th, International Women’s
Day, by the 120 plus women and trans-folks who poured into the Toronto
Rape Crisis Centre for an Emergency Assembly.

The Assembly was called after it came to the attention of the Shelter |
Sanctuary | Status campaign that in Feb. 2010 an Immigration Enforcement
officer went into a women’s shelter, looking to deport ...........READ MORE

The Cops Look Back at Montebello

A year-and-a-half after the fact, new details have come to light about the cops’ activities at the 2007 Montebello protests against George Bush.

As you may recall, police infiltrators at the demo were identified by members of the Black Block, who isolated them with the help of other demonstrators. The faux-protesters had to break through their own police lines and pretend to get arrested (see photo above), all in an attempt to save face while getting away from the demonstrators who had I.D.’ed them. After days of denials, eventually the SQ had to come clean that the people in ...........READ MORE

Quote of the Day: "cops are like doughnuts – they’re no good unless they have a hole in the middle"

News today that an armed group is claiming responsibility for attacks on police in Greece:

An unknown Greek group has threatened to indiscriminately kill police officers and expand its target list to include prominent members of society.

The Sect of Revolutionaries issued the warning on a CD left on the grave of a teenager who was shot by police in December, triggering a month of riots.

Police said the declaration, which was published in a Greek newspaper on Thursday, appeared to be genuine.

The group also said it had attacked a police station in Athens on Tuesday.

Shots were fired ...........READ MORE

Targetting of Anti-Olympics Movement: What To Do When Police & Spies Come Knocking

Since 2007, police & intelligence agencies have targetted anti-2010 Olympics opposition as a ‘security threat’ to the Games. This has included media articles based on reports from CSIS and police specifically mentioning Indigenous and other social movements in Vancouver. Police have publicly stated their need to increase surveillance of anti-2010 resistance.

Beginning in 2008, CSIS and police also began attempts to recruit informants and gather information through interviews with people organizing anti-2010 resistance, or with people indirectly associated with our movement.

==Agencies Involved

The following are the main agencies involved in surveillance & attempts to conduct interviews/recruit informants:

1) ...........READ MORE

Trashing Police Cars in Quebec: In Praise of Fog

Check out the following nice tidbit from the Journal de Montreal, translated by yours truly.

Funny how they fail to mention the most high profile attacks over the past two years, the police cars torched in Montreal’s East End by the allegedly anarchist Ton Pere Collective in March of this year.

You also HAVE to be trying to leave people confused and ignorant to talk about attacks on police without mentioning the anti-police riot after cops killed the teenager Fredy Villanueva and shot two of his friends in Montreal North earlier this year.

Yeah, these are “senseless acts”, ...........READ MORE