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Quick analysis of the anti-fascist counter demo Montreal April 23

Following the explicitly anti-Muslim demonstration held on March 4, on April 23 some of the same far right forces tried a different approach, calling for a demonstration against the governing provincial Liberal Party, taking care to not include anything about race or Islam in any of their materials, and telling people not to bring any racist signs or wear anything identifying them as members of their orgs (Soldiers of Odin, La Meute, etc.). On the 23rd between 200 and 300 people attended this demonstration that had been called for and organized by the far right. There was a smaller counter-demonstration, ...........READ MORE

The Magician’s Apprentice: Raoul Roy’s Luc Potvin (1998)

The following sidebar to The Past Is Our Master!?! was written in 1998; it is being uploaded here in the hoped of being of some interest

In the late eighties a number of committed nationalists worked with Indépendance, a magazine published by Marc Severson, François Robichaud and Mario Gagné (formerly of the Groupe d’Études et d’Action and a subsequent contributor to the Cahiers de Jeune Nation). Indépendance distinguished between French Canadians and Québecois, and, building on the arguments already elaborated by Raoul Roy, defined the nationalist struggle as being primarily cultural. While retaining anti-imperialist and progressive trappings, these positions led ...........READ MORE

Raoul Roy

Fascist Praises Cops: “Our People Have Remained Healthy” (1992)

Raoul Roy

On July 6th 1991 several undercover police officers were assigned to arrest Kirt Haywood, a short Black man with dreadlocks. They mistook Marcellus François, a tall Black man with short hair, for Haywood and followed him around Montreal. Finally, they pulled over his car and approached him, guns drawn, without identifying themselves. As he went to unfasten his seatbelt, police officer Michel Tremblay shot him through the head. Francois went into a coma and died a few days later.

This is the background to Police Chief Alain Saint-Germain’s unprecedented statement, in late January 1992, that this had ...........READ MORE


The Catholic Far Right in Quebec: Thumbnail Sketches

CQV’s gilles Grondin meeting with Pope John Paul II

The following was initially written in 1998, and somewhat updated in 2000. It should be considered a historical document, not an up-to-date history. The years since 2000 have surely witnessed major changes in the milieu. Nonetheless, it will hopefully be of some use.


As Quebec was going through its Quiet Revolution, Roman Catholicism was experiencing changes of its own. Conflicts that had been simmering for centuries were reaching the boiling point. In order to bring things up to date and resolve certain issues, the world’s bishops held a series of ...........READ MORE


A Brief History of the Far Right in Quebec, 1920s-1990s

The following text was written in 1998, and published in the magazine Antifa Forum under the title The Past is Our Master ?!?; a French-translation was subsequently independently published as the pamphlet Notre Maître le Passé?!?

This study ends 20 years ago – and so precedes the rise of Islamophobia as the central focus of the far right, most importantly – but even within the span of time that it covers, it should not be taken as complete (boneheads are not examined here, not are various far right New Age groups, groups that came in from the u.s. like ...........READ MORE


Marine Le Pen of the French Front National — Disrupted in Quebec City!

Comrades in Quebec City organized with just a few days’ notice to successfully disrupt a press conference held by Marine Le Pen — leader of the far right anti-immigrant French Front National – earlier today.

Le Pen is in Quebec for a week of racist rabblerousing, which was to include press conferences in Quebec City and Montreal, and in which she hoped to meet with canadian politicians. Fearing the protests which have “welcomed” previous forays by the FN into Quebec in the past, Le Pen only announced she would be coming in Friday, the day she actually arrived. ...........READ MORE

Quebec Flag in Old Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Islamophobic Attacks in Montreal: The Need for a Militant Movement Against Racism

On April 8, two Islamophobic attacks were carried out in Montreal. In the first case, in the early morning hours, an axe was thrown through a window the Centre communautaire islamique Assahaba with the words “Fuck Liberals” and “we will exterminate Muslims” written on it. Then, later that day, someone rode up on their bicycle, took out a baseball bat, and smashed the windows of three cars in front of the Madani mosque as their owners were inside saying their evening prayers.

The April 8 attacks came the day after the right-wing Liberal Party had defeated the equally right-wing incumbent ...........READ MORE

Fag-bashing in Quebec City, Boneheads Fingered

Not much to say, other than news reports on a young guy getting beaten up by four boneheads as he left a gay bar in Quebec City last Sunday night.

Note of course that the police say they don’t really have a problem with the boneheads, as they’re “only” implicated in one or two queer-bashings a years, tops. No biggie…

Now where are those lesbian killer girl gangs when you need ’em? ...........READ MORE