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New Classes for a New Class Politics (Gabriel Kuhn)

I spent the past weekend writing a German review of the new Kersplebedeb edition of David Gilbert’s Looking at the U.S. White Working Class Historically, originally published in 1984. While the original piece mainly consisted of reviews of three relevant publications – Ted Allen’s pamphlet White Supremacy in the U.S./Slavery and the Origins of Racism, W.E.B. DuBois classic Black Reconstruction in America, and J. Sakai‘s underground favorite Settlers – the new edition contains plenty of extra material, including Gilbert‘s essays „Some Lessons from the Sixties“ (1991) and „After the Sixties: Reaction and Restructuring“ (2017) as well as ...........READ MORE


Kill the Kids First: The Coming of Black Genocide

The following essay was first published over twenty years ago; it is one of several texts which will be republished later this year by Kersplebedeb in a volume with the provisional title, Snapshots from the Scene of a Crime.

It is being posted on this site ahead of time as the concepts and social development touched upon are relevant to discussions and realities proceeding at the present time. Before delving on ahead, though, please read the editors’ Critical Note To Readers:

These two essays are not new but quite old. And in that lies their unique value to us.
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The Continuing Appeal of Anti-Imperialism, by Kuwasi Balagoon

Great works measure up, inspire higher standards of intellectual and moral honesty, and, when appreciated for what they are, serve as a guide for those among us who intend a transformation of reality. “Settlers, the Mythology of the White Proletariat”, caused quite a stir in the anti-imperialist white left and among nationalists of the Third World nations within the confines of the U.S. empire as well as anarchists and Moslems of this hemisphere. In short, among all of us who are ready and willing to smash or dismantle the empire, for whatever reasons, and whatever reasoning. This is in spite ...........READ MORE