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DIVISIBLE: Breaking Up the US (by Bromma, 6-17)

As US politics lurches rapidly to the right, worried residents wonder about getting out. Friends talk among themselves about moving to Canada, Europe, Mexico–anywhere to escape Trumpland. Taking a different angle, some activists propose separating the “blue states” from the “red states,” essentially redrawing the map of North America. One plan calls for the West Coast to secede. Others lobby for California to become an independent country. So far, most radicals don’t seem too serious about these exit strategies. But they do have a serious aspect. For one thing, if things keep getting worse, some of us might be forced ...........READ MORE

Elon Musk’s growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies

Tesla Motors Inc., SolarCity Corp. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX, together have benefited from an estimated $4.9 billion in government support, according to data compiled by The Times. The figure underscores a common theme running through his emerging empire: a public-private financing model underpinning long-shot start-ups. ...........READ MORE

What’s Killing Poor White Women?

Everything about Crystal’s life was ordinary, except for her death. She is one of a demographic—white women who don’t graduate from high school—whose life expectancy has declined dramatically over the past 18 years. These women can now expect to die five years earlier than the generation before them. It is an unheard-of drop for a wealthy country in the age of modern medicine. Throughout history, technological and scientific innovation have put death off longer and longer, but the benefits of those advances have not been shared equally, especially across the race and class divides that characterize 21st–century America. Lack of ...........READ MORE


Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of 313 Black People

Monday, April 8, 2013

Contact:     Kali Akuno

For Immediate Release: New Annual Report reveals that 313 Black People were killed in 2012, averaging one every 28 hours

Every 28 hours in 2012 someone employed or protected by the US government killed a Black man, woman, or child! This startling fact is revealed in Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report on the Extrajudicial Killings of 313 Black People by Police, Security Guards, and Vigilantes.

When we started this investigation in early 2012, we knew a serious human rights crisis was confronting the Black community”, says  ...........READ MORE

Michael Novick Responds to Kali Akuno and Don Hamerquist

Just a quick heads up that Michael Novick has written a brief response to Don Hamerquist’s Thinking and Acting in Real Time in the Real World. It is up on the excellent Three Way Fight blog, at

Just to recap, Michael is the editor of Turning The Tide, publication of People Against Racist Terror. The pieces he is responding to were both recommended by yours truly last year:

...........READ MORE

Genocide Here and There: Harvard Fellow calls for international community to starve Palestinian children

Via Electronic Intifada, this news that Martin Kramer of Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs is calling for genocide of Palestinians as a solution to imperialism’s hiccups in the Middle East.

Of course this kind of thinking is neither new, nor limited to the Middle East, nor in fact is it even escapable under imperialism. In other words, population control (either pro- or anti-natalist) is just something that folks in power do, whether they make the mistake of talking about it in the media or not. Check out recent comments by Republican Andre Bauer, South Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor: ...........READ MORE

Words to the Misguided

A nice appeal to those who find themselves attracted to the patriot movement, care of Phoenix Class War Council:

As it now stands, much of the patriot movement demands not an end to fascism, but an exemption from the fascism that it demands for others.

To read the whole post, click here. ...........READ MORE

Armed Struggle, the RAF, and Projectiles for the People: An Interview with Andre Moncourt and J. Smith

Gabriel Kuhn has interviewed André Moncourt and J. Smith, the editors of Projectiles for the People, about their book, the RAF, and armed struggle. The complete interview is reposted here and also on the german guerilla website. A slightly abbreviated German version of this interview will appear in the German journal Arranca!, No. 41, December 2009. A Swedish version is up on the activist website Motkraft.

1) The amount of work that has gone into this project must have been enormous. What motivated you to do this?

André: Several things, really. For myself, no small part was ...........READ MORE

Isolation-Torture in the u.s.a

The following is an important article by Dr. Atul Gawande, on the subject of isolation-torture as it is practiced in u.s. prisons. The article appeared in the March 30, 2009, edition of The New Yorker, and is available on their website here.

One of the most striking things for me, when doing research for the book Projectiles for the People, about Germany’s Red Army Faction, was the way in which isolation was viewed as a new and utterly terrifying form of torture by the European radical left in the 1970s. There the use of strict isolation, as ...........READ MORE