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Wednesday: Use Your Phone to Support Jalil and Herman!

The following from the kind folks at the Anarchist Black Cross Federation:

WEDNESDAY is Phone for Parole Day for Herman Bell and Jalil Muntaqim!

Call NY Governor David A. Paterson between 9AM and 1pm Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday November 5th.


Urge him to sign the amended Executive agreements which will allow NY inmates Herman Bell (#2318931) and Jalil Muntaqim (s/n Anthony Bottom/ #2311826) to return to New York State to attend their rightful parole hearings. We’re calling him every Wednesday morning of ’08 until he signs off on the transfer.

On November 4th, people across the US will ...........READ MORE

Prisoners of New Orleans need your help now (Hurricane Gustav)!

The following from Critical Resistance:

To All CR members, Allies, and Comrades of New Orleans,

Prisoners and Families of New Orleans needs your help immediately!
If you haven’t heard already Hurricane Gustav is headed for New Orleans
and is predicted to be a category 3 hurricane, the same as Hurricane Katrina. There will possibly be a mandate for all people (outside of prisons and jails) of New Orleans to evacuate starting tomorrow August 29th, the three year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It is predicted that hurricane Gustav will pose great flooding potential regardless of its category rating, the levee ...........READ MORE

What’s Up With Mumia

The following is the legal update posted at Philly IMC:

Mumia Abu-Jamal legal update

by Lead Attorney Robert R. Bryan | 04.12.2008

This Legal Update is made on behalf of my client, Mumia Abu-Jamal, who remains on Pennsylvania’s death row. Many people have inquired as to our reaction and position concerning recent legal developments, and what will happen now.

This Legal Update is made on behalf of my client, Mumia Abu-Jamal, who remains on Pennsylvania’s death row. Many people have inquired as to our reaction and position concerning recent legal developments, and what will happen now. This should answer ...........READ MORE

Primary Loathing: Is it Real or Is It Memorex? (March 2008)

You got to hand it to patriarchal capitalism. Just when we thought that the Bushites were on the run, and maybe ku klux klan civilization’s day is over, they come up with some stunning new maneuver. Like this man of theirs, Barak Obama. A biologically white woman versus a biologically African-American man wrestling live on television for the… white man’s big toilet seat of power? This is a mutant, science-fiction moment. So what is it with the Obama Show, anyhow?

There’s a split screen with Obama, the interesting story and the boring story.

We all keep hearing the interesting story, ...........READ MORE

Sexual Violence Against Indigenous Women in the u$a

Quick heads up: last week Amnesty International released a report on sexual violence against Indigenous women in amerika. i have not had a chance to read Maze of Injustice: The failure to protect Indigenous women from sexual violence in the USA, but you all can do so as it’s online.

From skimming it though, here’s some things i noted:

Contemporary scholars on traditional Native American and Alaska Native cultures have found that prior to colonization women often held esteemed positions in society. Available evidence indicates that violence against women was rare and, when it occurred, was often severely punished. ...........READ MORE

US Government Affirms Risk to 9-Year-old Kevin Yourdkhani’s Family if deported to Iran From Texas Jail

Just received this from verbena-19:

Family’s Canadian Supporters Urge Immigration Minister to Immediately grant Temporary Residence Permit to End 5-Week Jail Ordeal

TORONTO, MARCH 9, 2007 — The Canadian lawyer for 9-Year-old Kevin Yourdkhani — a Canadian citizen currently detained over a month in a Texas immigration jail along with his Iranian-born parents — revealed today that the U.S. Government agrees with the assessment of Amnesty International that the family faces a credible risk of persecution or torture if deported to Iran.

“The Canadian government now has TWO separate assessments, both showing that the history of past torture and ...........READ MORE

Nine Year Old Begs Canada’s #1 Racist For Help

Another fucking crime of capitalism.

It is completely understandable that a kid spoon-fed lies about “Canadian citizenship” and thrown into prison at the age of nine because his parents are of the wrong nationality might write to Stephen “Kill the Poor” Harper, hoping for some help. This kind of racist imprisonment – which countless families around the world are forced to suffer – must be most bewildering and incomprehensible and traumatic to the children.

What is less excusable is that we don’t have a movement capable of inflicting serious damage on the powers that be, forcing them to be ...........READ MORE

Another Veteran of the Liberation Wars Dies in Exile

The following from Associated Press (byline ANITA SNOW, Associated Press Writer Fri Nov 17, 4:50 PM ET):

HAVANA – William Lee Brent, a Black Panther who hijacked a passenger jet to communist Cuba in 1969 and spent 37 years in exile, has died on the island, his sister said. He was 75.
Brent died Nov. 4 from bronchial pneumonia, Elouise Rawlins said in a telephone interview from her home in Oakland, Calif.
Rawlins said she learned of her brother’s death through telephone calls and messages from friends and acquaintances, but has not received official word from the U.S. or Cuban ...........READ MORE

The Trials of Zolo Agona Azania, Political Prisoner: Videos Online!

Zolo Agona Azania is one of many Black revolutionaries who have spent most of their adult lives in prison, punished for their politics by the racist American “just us” system.

I have been in touch with Zolo for some years now, and have been privileged to publish a pamphlet of his writings and full-colour postcard book of his artwork, as well as keeping some documents regarding his case up on the Kersplebedeb website.

Certain New Afrikan revolutionary nationalists, prison activists, and opponents of the death penalty have supported Zolo over the years, and in Chicago today there is ...........READ MORE