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Jailbreak Out of History: the Re-Biography of Harriet Tubman

Childhood & the Gathering Storm Focus on Amazons. About why we deal with real women as myths. Girls who never really existed. Yet and again, are all around us & that we can’t bring ourselves to see. Cause seeing through white men’s eyes is about non-vision of ourselves. So let’s deal with a real Amazon.

Think about Harriet Tubman. Take six months. In fact, take a year & think. Break it on down. What does it mean to be the most famous New Afrikan woman in u.s. history? What does it mean to be stuck in that lie? What’s the ...........READ MORE

FOR WOMEN ONLY: After Anti-War movements win or lose in Iraq… there’s still Women


[A paper critiquing the political assumptions of today’s Anti-War/anti-imperialist activism by J. Sakai – Beyond McAntiwar: notes on finding our footing in the collapsing stageset of u.s. empire – has been circulated in the current issue of the maoist zine 8th Route.  Below is an alternate viewpoint from a “radical Beguine” perspective.]

i like J’s rant. i think we need this kind of reality check. The world situation is changing  with such surprising twists. But yet & again, it still is only from men’s viewpoint. And no matter how radical, that can only dead end somewhere. ...........READ MORE

Interview with Comrade Parvati of the CPN(M)

i am happy to be able to pass on this brief interview with Hisila Yami, nom de guerre Comrade Parvati, of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). While i am wary of some features of the revolutionary movement in Nepal (see here or here for instance), i am also inspired by aspects of the struggle there, and especially by the theoretical contributions Parvati has made in her essays Women’s Leadership and the Revolution in Nepal and her Interview with People’s March (both of which were published along with a commentary by Butch Lee in the Kersplebedeb pamphlet People’s War ...........READ MORE

Les Femmes du Mont Ararat / The Women of Mount Ararat

Les Femmes du Mont Ararat / The Women of Mount Ararat, a film by Erwann Briand
France / 2004 / Betacam SP / 85 min / français, anglais, arabe s.-t.f.
Contact: [distributeur] Catherine Le Clef, Doc and Co, 13, rue Portefoin, 75003 Paris, France. T: +33 1 42 77 89 65 F: +33 1 42 77 89 65

OK, now this movie had real potential, which is why I think I found it so disappointing. Not that I regret seeing it, not that I would not recommend it, just that it could have been so much better.

The ...........READ MORE