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Newport 63: With God on Our Side

I can’t sing “John Johanna” cause it’s his story and his people’s story – I gotta sing “With God On My Side” because it’s my story and my people’s story – – Bob Dylan The “social patriotism” that had inspired activists in the first half of the sixties came to …

Who’s the Terrorist?

Last night i had fun at the documentary film festival, checking out the awesome Slingshot Hip Hop. Here’s a music video (with subtitles) by one of the band’s featured, the incredible DAM. Enjoy.

Keny Arkana: La Rage

This was one of the many outstanding videos shown at the Queeruption benefit on Sunday night – dumbfuck that i am i had never heard of Keny Arkana, but i guess now i’m an inch closer to being hip seeing as i’m blogging her video… don’t even need to be …