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Pass the Roti on the left hand side

Just like to quickly give props to this blog, which i just had pointed out to me: Pass the Roti on the left hand side – a good source of progressive and antifascist news and analysis from and about South Asia. Check it out!

Interview with Comrade Parvati of the CPN(M)

i am happy to be able to pass on this brief interview with Hisila Yami, nom de guerre Comrade Parvati, of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). While i am wary of some features of the revolutionary movement in Nepal (see here or here for instance), i am also inspired …

Blue Diamond Society Questions re: New Nepal Constitution

I spotted the following on a mailing list i am on, and i thought it worth reposting here. The new Nepalese constitution represents a radical leap forward for the people of Nepal, yet questions remain about how far the changes will go. Especially of concern is how trans people, queers …

Revolution in Nepal

Last week i heard a talk about the Maoist revolution sweeping the countryside in Nepal. François Thibault had visited the Himalayan nation last November as one of nine members of an “International Brigade,” spending a little over a week meeting with members of the Communist Part of Nepal (Maoist) and …