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Chad Landrum

Capitalism, the Prison System, and its Interconnection

As a species, to continue living we must first and foremost procreate, feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves above all else. And only through cooperating with one another can these necessities be realized. Hence the source of our social essence.

Today in the current state of economic development (capitalism-imperialism) the vast majority of the world’s people have been separated from their means of production (land, natural resources, technology, intellectual property, factories, etc.) by property rights which the capitalist classes of the world, who predominately reside within fi rst world borders, have laid claim to.… Read the rest

On the Backs of Mexicanos

It is a fact that never in the history of this country’s parasitical existence has it every fully supported itself. Just as the settler economy of the east was erected on the backs of African and indigenous slaves, so too was the economy of the west erected on the blood and sweat of Mexicanos and other oppressed nationalities.… Read the rest

The Prison System and Its Historical Context

The apparatus of the state—in particular the courts and legal system—are in the hands of the class that is dominate in the economic relations of society. The state is never natural: It is always an instrument for protecting and preserving the existing system.”
Bob Avakian, Democracy: Can’t We Do Better Than That?… Read the rest

The Final Hour

C. Landrum, The Rock v. 2 #2, February 2013

A PBSP-generated memo dated December 10, 2012, was circulated throughout the pods addressing both current and additional demands. How much more obvious can it be?! The state has essentially been stringing us along like a puppy on a chain, conceding and occasional crumb along the way in an effort to pacify and distract us, and ultimately dividing us into opposing camps.… Read the rest

On the Question of Integrated Celling

Introduction [from Prison Focus]: We’re all aware of the 2005 court decision ordering the C.D.C. to begin implementing integrated celling of the prison’s multi-ethnic population. What may not be known to many is that this policy has already been initiated.

For the most part the immediate response has essentially been that of resistance which has manifested itself in both abstract (verbal) and practical (concrete) forms.Read the rest

A Course Adjustment

Displeased with the direction in which all is developing, I’ve pretty much taken a backseat. I find no pleasure anticipating that all is inevitably doomed to fail—even success in the con- text of our existing demands will be a failure. It is more disappointing that there are others who know this yet manufacture excuses for keeping quiet and supporting the current trajectory.… Read the rest


The CDC’s shameless attempt to suppress the tragic loss of life of three recent hunger strikers has inevitably failed in the whole, despite the fact that it still refuses to knowledge its own complicity with regards to the particular details surrounding these deaths.… Read the rest