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by Francis Picabia (22 January 1879 – 30 November 1953)


Tom Manning, For Love and Liberty

Political prisoner Tom Manning has  a book of his paintings coming out! Who Is Tom Manning? Tom Manning is a freedom fighter, political prisoner and prolific artist. His paintings are stories that jump off the page, revealing the outlook of people who struggle for liberation around the world. His paintings are about …

Drainville: Pompier Pyromane

  Some explanations, for those of you who do not read french, or are not from Quebec, are below. For those of you who do read french, and are from here, you should be able to get it without having to read further. As the below is an explanation of …


Hope Breathing Life: Postcards for Liberation by Zolo Agona Azania

  Kesplebedeb Distribution is pleased to announce the publication of Hope Breathing Life: Postcards for Liberation by Zolo Agona Azania.Hope Breathing Life is a collection of postcards representing the art of Zolo Agona Azania. Zolo is not only a remarkable artist but also a political prisoner, and the victim of a racist frame-up.Owusu …

Anti-Capitalism and Violence: Gord Hill Interviewed by Kersplebedeb

The opening graphic in The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book is striking, showing a Black Bloc member squaring off against a cop, each as representatives of the clash between Empire and free peoples from centuries past. To what degree do you feel that the clashes at today’s summits represent a continuity …