Tom Manning, For Love and Liberty

Political prisoner Tom Manning has Ā a book of his paintings coming out!

Who Is Tom Manning?

tom_smallTom Manning is a freedom fighter, political prisoner and prolificĀ artist. His paintings are stories that jump off the page, revealingĀ the outlook of people who struggle for liberation around the world.
His paintings are about life and his landscapes recall times ofĀ importance.Ā The years of work to produce this beautiful book and importantĀ document are nearing their end and we need your help to fund the lastĀ phase of production!


Please forward this to friends and comrades and shareĀ the project on social media!


  • 86 full color reproductions of Tom’s Paintings
  • Preface by Robby Meeropol
  • Article, “In My Time” by Tom
  • Poem by Assata, “Affirmation”
  • Autobiography of Tom Manning
  • Afterword by Ray Levasseur
  • Notes from photographer Penny Schoner

All proceeds, after production costs, will be donated to theĀ Rosenberg Fund for Children:

Twitter: @wwwrfcorg
Facebook: rosenbergfundforchildren



Tom Manning: Freedom Fighter, Political Prisoner

From the Preface by Robby Meerpol:

Tom’s been incarcerated for 34 years. But evenĀ before he received his current life sentence he was trapped by theĀ limited choices left to an impoverished child surviving in Boston’sĀ infamous Maverick Street Projects. The military during the Vietnam eraĀ seemed like a way out, but that too became a hellish form ofĀ confinement.

Tom broke free, he revolted. He became a revolutionary.Ā He committed the unforgivable sin of confronting today’s greatĀ imperial empire, the United States, on its home turf. For that,Ā I expect the prison industrial complex will do its best to keep himĀ confined for as long as it can.

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For additional questions please contact Penny Schoner:Ā

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