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Eight Years of Sketchy Thoughts

It has been eight years since i started this blog, basically as a way of trying to figure out how to develop and explore some political ideas and perhaps also deal with a period of political and personal isolation i was going through. It “worked”, and provided a space not only to try and figure some things out, to record things i would otherwise have forgotten, and to try and elaborate a set of political reference points. It has been a nice complement to what at the time was the more business-oriented site i also run.

Of course, every ...........READ MORE

Getting Back to the Blog?

As some of you may have noticed – those kind few of you who may still check in here – Sketchy Thoughts has been somewhat comatose for the past months (!), and not for the first time. A while back, Nate, over at the What In the Hell blog, enumerated some of the factors that i too feel make it tough  to always keep up with posting … and he posts about 20-30 times more frequently than i do!

So what to do…

Going to try to get back into this, perhaps leaning on a few supports – one dear ...........READ MORE

RSS Feeds by Label

Many of us on the left, either as individuals or on behalf of organizations, have tried our hand at blogging. For myself, as someone who maintains several websites, a longtime frustration has been that the energy i am putting into the blog does not automatically get integrated into what else i’m doing. Unless i actually copy-paste a posting from Sketchy Thoughts, it won’t show up on Kersplebedeb or anywhere else.

i’ve known about RSS feeds for a while, but they have had the disadvantage of being indiscriminate – i may want all of my posts about killer cops to show ...........READ MORE

Cleaning Up

Well with the coldest winter in a several years it’s certainly not spring – but it is cleaning season for me. Cleaning up my websites, cleaning the blog, looking after the little details i should have been taking care of over the past year, except this book i was helping to put out kept getting in the way.

First things first, the blog. Experimenting with a icons (that’s the purple “ST” thing that should be showing up somewhere on your screen if you’re reading this), getting rid of links to dead blogs (depressingly many of them), and in general trying ...........READ MORE

Bad Day? Try Blogging…

i’m a third of a way through my most recent copy of my fave magazine, and came across an article by Jessica Wapner (“The Healthy Type”, Scientific American June 2008) about the therapeutic effects of blogging.

Alice Flaherty, a neuroscientist at Harvard University, is quoted explaining that “humans have a range of pain-related behaviors, such as complaining, which act as a ‘placebo for getting satisfied.'” The point being that blogging about stressful experiences may work similarly.

In other words, life can suck, or if it doesn’t, at least the world we’re stuck living in leaves much to be ...........READ MORE



Too many days with too little time to write too many things…

And now another week has come and gone.

While am not sad that i have stuff to do in life – the alternative would be depressing – there is shit i wanted to be able to discuss, and i know at this point it won’t all happen.

Occasionally i think of a post just listing all the posts i don’t have time to do. Buti don’t have time to do it.

So i set the alarm clock on a sunday to blog… let’s see if that gets ...........READ MORE

Not A Spam Blog After All

What a relief!

Late last week blogger’s “robots” decided Sketchy Thoughts looked like spam. Consequently, the blog was “locked”, meaning i could not publish anything. The blogger site assured me someone would check the blog out, and if it was legit it would be unblocked – but otherwise would eventually be deleted!

Needless to say, i was worried!

Happily, just got news: the blog is unblocked, i can publish again.


Funny thing, having to do with my dysfunctional brain and also with the psychology of work and instant gratification – even though i could have used the weekend to ...........READ MORE

Blogger Beta

It’s up, it’s working, it has peekaboo expandable posts and soon will get revamped categories…

oh yeah, and it’s baby blue.

So far, for what it’s worth, this transition from Blogger Classic to Blogger Beta has been anything but seamless. Twenty minutes my ass, there goes half my day. And i had work to get done…

Note to those aiming to try this:

Blogger for Word does not work with Beta. Real fucking drag that is.

The expandable posts hack mentioned on Blogger is crap, as is Blogger’s peekaboo… use this one from Hackosphere instead.

i’m hoping the ...........READ MORE

Bear with Me

Please bear with me…

In one of those moments of “i have twenty minutes to do stuff, what should i do?” i decides to upgrade to the “New Blogger”…

So far i see my “Read more…” links aren’t working properly, and the “Blogger for Word” plug-in is acting up. And now i have to go out on some errands.

Ah joy! ...........READ MORE