Not A Spam Blog After All

What a relief!

Late last week blogger’s “robots” decided Sketchy Thoughts looked like spam. Consequently, the blog was “locked”, meaning i could not publish anything. The blogger site assured me someone would check the blog out, and if it was legit it would be unblocked – but otherwise would eventually be deleted!

Needless to say, i was worried!

Happily, just got news: the blog is unblocked, i can publish again.


Funny thing, having to do with my dysfunctional brain and also with the psychology of work and instant gratification – even though i could have used the weekend to write all kinds of interesting shit, the knowledge that i couldn’t just publish it right away was real discouraging. So while i did get some stuff done – look forward to an upcoming review of Amal Saad-Ghorayeb’s Hizbu’llah: Politcs & Religion – not nearly as much as could have. So that’s a self-criticism of sorts…


So what did i do instead of writing?

Discovered Myspace!

Not sure if it will be of any use, but i’ve been having fun surfing around adding friends… if i haven’t added you, log on and let me know. Kersplebedeb Myspace is at

More later, i promise…


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