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Garbage Floats in with the Tide: For Autonomous Antifascism

In his “Notes on Trump,” Bromma posits that the election of Trump and the accompanying rise of the far right are not simple accidents of history, nor the result of some single failure on our side or success on theirs, but are conjoined expressions of a deep phase-shift within the global capitalist economy. Whereas the fact that a wacky reality tv star was the one who ushered this in, and that it happened in 2016 and not 2015 or 2017, might be a matter of contingency or chance, a lurch to the populist xenophobic right was predictable, perhaps unavoidable. This ...........READ MORE


Comments on a Divided World, from Don Hamerquist

In the text that follows, Don Hamerquist addresses the current salience of imperialism, territory, and revolutionary organizing in the First World. This essay is prompted by the review of Zak Cope’s Divided World Divided Class by Matthijs Krul, which was reposted to Sketchy Thoughts a few weeks ago. Don explains that “For Krul citations I am using generated page numbers from a print out of the version of the review and its single page of introduction that was on Sketchy Thoughts. These provide a rough guide to the relative locations of the citations, but may not translate accurately to ...........READ MORE

Zig Zag on Idle No More: "In any liberation movement there are internal and external struggles"

We are living in exciting times, with large numbers of people clearly fed up and taking action, no longer content to wait for the right moment or the right ideas or the right leadership to tell them what to do. Whether we think of Occupy, the Arab Spring, or the current Idle No More upsurge, spontaneity and taking a stand seem to be the order of the day. For those of us have lived through less exuberant times, it is a welcome change. That said, this new environment that clearly comes with its own potential pitfalls and weaknesses.

In order ...........READ MORE

Class Antagonisms Inside the Fundamental Contradiction of National Oppression, by Sanyika Shakur

Class Antagonisms inside the Fundamental Contradiction of National Oppression
7–4–47 ADM (11)

Having just passed the 19th, and quickly approaching the 20th, anniversary of the L.A. Rebellion [1], We should be reminded here of what Rodney King whimpered as he stood in front of a bank of microphones surrounded by class enemies and neo-colonial politicians.

We should remember how he’d been dressed in that non-threatening cardigan sweater, white shirt, and black tie. How his hair had been tortured into submission by a jheri curl. We should reflect, as well, upon how timid and spooked he looked and on how ...........READ MORE

Primary Loathing: Is it Real or Is It Memorex? (March 2008)

You got to hand it to patriarchal capitalism. Just when we thought that the Bushites were on the run, and maybe ku klux klan civilization’s day is over, they come up with some stunning new maneuver. Like this man of theirs, Barak Obama. A biologically white woman versus a biologically African-American man wrestling live on television for the… white man’s big toilet seat of power? This is a mutant, science-fiction moment. So what is it with the Obama Show, anyhow?

There’s a split screen with Obama, the interesting story and the boring story.

We all keep hearing the interesting story, ...........READ MORE

Kahentinetha Horn: Two Six Nations Youth Defend Themselves From Five Thugs

The following from Kahentinetha Horn’s Mohawk News Network:

MNN. Sept. 15, 2007. On September 13th at around 4:00 pm. witnesses saw non-native men running out, picking up weapons and going back into the unfinished house. Inside they had ambushed two Indigenous youth. The kids’ backs were against the wall. They have a right to self-defense. The two youth had gone into the house. One went one way and the other went in another direction. That’s when the older Indigenous boy caught the non-native man beating his younger brother.

The OPP had stopped construction that morning at 9:00 am. Meetings were ...........READ MORE

Self-Defense, Political Divisions and State Repression in "Caledonia"

On September 13th there was another violent confrontation in Caledonia between Indigenous people defending their land and settlers defending what they consider their property.

Initially the settler media reported that Sam Gualtieri, a 52-year old man who was “trying to build a house for his daughter” in Caledonia, had been beaten unconscious. The man’s brother was quoted talking about “native terrorism”, and the story being floated was that this man was violently attacked without provocation. It sounded horrific.

In the immediate aftermath, the Six Nations Confederacy Council issued an apology for the violence, distancing itself the people who ...........READ MORE

Violence Against Indigenous Women: Canada’s Highway of Tears

Heads up: journalist Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has written about Canada’s Highway of Tears – the stretch of road in northern “British Columbia” where so many indigenous women have been disappeared over the past decades.

Since 1988 over 500 indigenous women have “gone missing” across Canada. Victims of racism, victims of patriarchy, victims of capitalism… all dimensions of Canadian colonialism. Of Canadian nationhood.

The murder and disappearance of so many indigenous women is simply another manifestation of the same process which sees First Nations women (who represent 2% of the “Canadian” population) making up almost one out of every two women ...........READ MORE

False Front: The Left and the “Anti-Imperialist” Right

As popular resistance to globalization and Western imperialism strengthens around the globe, something disastrous is happening: Leadership of the opposition is swinging steadily from the Left to the radical Right.

Right-wing forces around the world are gearing up to fight against capitalism’s new world order. Every day on the streets of Baghdad, of Mosul, of Tikrit, of Fallujah, of Samarra, of Basra, there is living, dying proof that rightists are in the vanguard of the fight against the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq. It is the same in Afghanistan. Indeed, as Western capital struggles to penetrate and control the so-called Islamic ...........READ MORE


Night-Vision Reviewed by bell hooks

The following interview with bell hookd about Butch Lee and Red Rover’s Night-Vision: Illuminating War and Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain, first appeared in the Winter 1996 issue of the feminist magazine On The Issues.

Tough Talks for Tough Time

“The transformation to a neo-colonial world has only begun, but it promises to be as dramatic, as disorienting a change as was the original European colonial conquest of the human race. Capitalism is again ripping apart and reconstructing the world, and nothing will be the same. Not race, not gender, and certainly not whatever culture you used to ...........READ MORE