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‘Racialized international students’ targeted by Quebec government language probe, group says (repost)

Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness faced allegations Tuesday of possible racial profiling and violating the constitutional rights of more than 500 international students whose French skills are the subject of an ongoing probe.

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Treatment of Inuit in Quebec jails called ‘unacceptable’ by ombudsman (repost)

Quebec’s ombudsman has released a scathing report on the treatment of Inuit in the provincial justice system. She says the detention conditions are “below current standards” and infringe on the constitutional right to human dignity.

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Quebec Flag in Old Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Islamophobic Attacks in Montreal: The Need for a Militant Movement Against Racism

On April 8, two Islamophobic attacks were carried out in Montreal. In the first case, in the early morning hours, an axe was thrown through a window the Centre communautaire islamique Assahaba with the words “Fuck Liberals” and “we will exterminate Muslims” written on it. Then, later that day, someone rode up on their bicycle, took out a baseball bat, and smashed the windows of three cars in front of the Madani mosque as their owners were inside saying their evening prayers.

The April 8 attacks came the day after the right-wing Liberal Party had defeated the equally right-wing incumbent ...........READ MORE


Quebec’s Charter of White Supremacist Values

This week, Pauline Marois’s provincial Parti Quebecois government is set to reveal its proposed Quebec Charter of Values.

This will be a set of rules applying to all public employees, including teachers, hospital employees and daycare educators. Ostensibly, the goal of the charter is simple: to establish who is boss in Quebec. In this light, it will be a series of rules intended to not only keep some people in their place, but also a form of propaganda establishing what their place is.

(On another level – that which takes into account the fact that the Charter may not ...........READ MORE

Trade Unions Line Up for a "Neutral" Racist Quebec

Well, you know what i think: this is a white stain on the Quebec trade union movement, certainly not the first and certainly not the last.

In the present context it is clear that arguing for a “ban on religious symbols” is at best riding the wave of racism for one’s own purposes, and we know that in politics, to ride a wave is to contribute to it. (At worst, well, at worst such a position is just a chickenshit way to promote one’s own racism.)

Never mind the fact that “neutral State” is an oxymoron. It is always someone’s ...........READ MORE

Pauline Marois, the PQ’s "Quebec Identity Bill" and Divided Strategies on the Radical Left

Pauline Marois: white woman on a mission

On October 18 Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois proposed a new piece of legislation, Bill 195, the “Quebec Identity Act.”

This piece of legislation would create two classes of citizen within Quebec. You would have Canadian citizens, and then within this group you would have a second set, those who would pass a French exam and pledge allegiance to the Quebec nation.

Only those in this separate group would have the right to run in provincial, municipal and school board elections, or address petitions to the national assembly. Obviously, once this second tier ...........READ MORE

Racist Reasonable Accommodation: Questions for a Revolutionary Quebec Left

In regards to the latest comments from my comrade Nicolas, regarding the racist “reasonable accommodation debate”…

There are two very important questions here. We have to deal with both of them, but in order to not get tripped up i think we need to separate them first.

The first question i see is “How do we relate to right-wing, sexist elements in the oppressed communities?”

The second is “How do those of us in the Quebecois or anglo communities maintain our base, when this same base is becoming increasingly hostile to immigrants?”

As to the first question, i think ...........READ MORE