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British elites made a killing off Afghanistan’s destruction

As Afghanistan’s proud people now struggle to emerge from the crater that NATO allies bombed them into, glazed and jaded eyes in Britain gaze past them. The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by the United States and its NATO allies produced 5.

Understanding the crypto crash  

When it peaked in November, the cryptocurrency, or crypto, market was valued at approximately $3.1 trillion USD. As of this week the valuation of the crypto market has more than halved, standing at $1.3 trillion USD. Understanding the crypto crash  

How Marxists View the Middle Ages

Class societies didn’t begin with capitalism: the ancient and medieval worlds had their own systems of exploitation. Marxist historians have set out to explain how those systems worked — and what their eventual demise tells us about what might lie ahead.

Elite Capture and Epistemic Deference, by Olúfémi O. Táíwò

by Olúfémi O. Táíwò I flinched inwardly. It was an innocent and properly motivated offer: Helen, a freelance journalist, was offering to give up something for me, stemming from her concern to live out an ethos of racial justice. But I worried that it was also a trap.

Stop Hustling Black Death

In her memoir, Coming of Age in Mississippi, Anne Moody describes her experience at the 1963 March on Washington. It is not the glorious image to which we have become accustomed. from Pocket via IFTTT

A Revolutionary Journey: The 1971 PAL Hijacking to Mao’s China

These days, it would be hard to believe that Fructuoso Chua, Jr. ever led an exciting life. A first glance shows nothing more than an old man living a quiet life with his dogs. Read more:

Peter Thiel Met With The Racist Fringe As He Went All In On Trump (repost)

The venture capitalist and Facebook board member staked his reputation on a Trump presidency. Now what does he have to show for it? Four years ago, billionaire venture capitalist and Facebook board member Peter Thiel made one of his biggest bets: He went all in on Donald Trump. Read the …


On June 15, the National Bureau of Statistics cancelled its press conference in Beijing. It was due to present May’s economic data, showing that China’s economy continues to “gain momentum” following the shocking crash of the first quarter. Read the rest of this post on the original site at HAS COVID-19 STRENGTHENED …