2008 Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar AVAILABLE NOW!

It is with some happiness that i can let you know that the 2008 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War Calendar is… now available! that’s right, it’s EARLY this year!

Since 2001 political prisoners Herman Bell, David Gilbert and Robert “Seth” Hayes have worked with activists in Montreal (and in 2005 and 2006 New York City) to produce these calendars. The result has always been a wonderful collection of artwork and political texts addressing some of the most pressing political issues fo our day.

As always, this is one of the most beautiful political projects in alliance with and in support of our captured comrades. While the artwork and writings always cover a variety of subjects, this years calendar has a focus on the Black Panther Party. As the collective explains: “The 2007 targeting of the San Francisco Eight (SF8) shows, more than ever, that COINTELPRO is ongoing. Over thirty years after the incident of which they are accused, eight Black Panthers face new charges… During 2008, as this calendar hangs on your wall, the SF8 will be in court and the Black Panther Party will be on trial once again. So this year’s theme is the Legacy of the Panthers. Now more than ever, it is vital that their contribution be celebrated.”

(For more about the SF8 please visit http://www.freethesf8.org/)

Contributors to this year’s calendar include Mumia Abu-Jamal, Joy James, Ashanti Alston, Emory Douglas, Ward Churchill, Laura Whitehorn, Gord Hill, George Katsiaficas, David Gilbert and many others.

Beyond its own value, the calendar is also a worthwhile fundraising tool – money raised from this years sales will go to support the work of the New York State Task Force on Political Prisoners, Addameer, a Palestinian Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association, and the San Francisco Eight’s support campaign.

To see some sample artwork, you can all check out the Calendar page on the Kersplebedeb website here.

To order your copy from Kersplebedeb for just $15.00 plus postage, email me or (if you’d like to pay via paypal) follow the link above. As always, wholesale rates are available.


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