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Since 1998 Kersplebedeb has been an important source of radical literature and agit prop materials. The project has a non-exclusive focus on anti-patriarchal and anti-imperialist politics, framed within an anticapitalist perspective, with particular attention being paid to the experiences of armed organizations, and political and radical prisoners.

Celebrate the past year’s new books from Kersplebedeb Leftwingbooks.net — 4 ebook versions of Kersplebedeb books are available for free for five days on Amazon:

Lumpen: The Autobiography of Ed Mead (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015YKQUYU) When a thirteen-year-old Mead ends up in the Utah State Industrial School, a prison for boys, it is the first step in a story of oppression and revolt that will ultimately lead to the foundation of the George Jackson Brigade, a Seattle-based urban guerrilla group, and to Mead’s re-incarceration as a fully engaged revolutionary, well-placed and prepared to take on both his captors and the predators amongst his fellow prisoners. This is his story.

Defying the Tomb: Selected Prison Writings and Art of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson featuring exchanges with an Outlaw (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013RU5M4S) Follow the author’s odyssey from lumpen drug dealer to prisoner, to revolutionary New Afrikan, a teacher and mentor, one of a new generation rising of prison intellectuals. This book consists primarily of letters between Rashid and Outlaw, another revolutionary New Afrikan prisoner, smuggled between the segregation wing and general population over a period of months. These comrades educate themselves—and us as well—on Marxism and Maoism, the Five-Percenters, Dialectical Materialism, Dead Prez, Capitalism, Racism, Imperialism, Class Struggle, Revolutionary Nationalism, New Afrikan Independence, Psychology, and a host of other subjects, as they grapple with how to promote revolutionary consciousness in the most hostile of environments.

Eurocentrism and the Communist Movement, by Robert Biel (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00W5TY37K) Exploring the relationship between Eurocentrism, alienation, and racism, while tracing the different ideas about imperialism, colonialism, “progress”, and non-European peoples as they were grappled with by revolutionaries in both the colonized and colonizing nations. Teasing out racist errors and anti-racist insights within this history, Biel reveals a century-long struggle to assert the centrality of the most exploited within the struggle against capitalism.

Escaping the Prism… Fade to Black: Poetry and Essays by Jalil Muntaqim (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AIUDW9C) Poetry and essays from behind the bars of Attica prison. Combining the personal and the political, affording readers with a rare opportunity to get to know a man who has spent most of his life—over forty years—behind bars for his involvement in the Black Liberation Movement. Includes an extensive examination of the U.S. government’s war against the Black Liberation Army in general, and Jalil in particular, by Ward Churchill, and an introduction by Walidah Imarisha.

At the same time, be sure to check out all of the books available fromhttps://www.leftwingbooks.net/ (those specifically published by Kersplebedeb: http://bit.ly/1iFhdw5)

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