This weekend’s protest against the August 11th police attack on a communist demonstration in St-Jerome:

A call from the RCP-Laurentides

Saturday, September 29 at 1:00 p.m.
Gathering at Parc Curé-Labelle (corner Parent et Curé-Labelle)

On August 11, on the occasion of a demo organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) in Saint-Jérôme (30 kilometers north of Montréal), nine people have been arrested alledgedly because the organizers didn’t requested the police a “permission” to demonstrate.

On that day, some 50 people answered the call from the RCP-Laurentides and gathered to comdemn the work and living conditions of the workers under capitalism and call them to organize in order to change this situation. They were chanting slogans and circulating leaflets while marching in the streets when the cops arrived and arrested nine demonstrators without any warrant.

As it happened during the powerful student strike in 2005, the Saint-Jérôme police have showed their brutality, as they continue to crush any social or political movement they don’t like.

The police are not neutral; they defend the existing order — the one from the rich and the bourgeois. This is why they are trying to crush all those who oppose the system and suggest an alternative world. But in Canada, in a society that claims to be champion of the democratic rights, we must fight to defend our right to be dissident and to fight the existing order. The August 11 arrests are a direct attack to our democratic rights, and this is why we have to oppose them boldly.

On September 29, we will again take to the streets in Saint-Jérôme. Come support us and say: No to political repression! We have the right to demonstrate where and when we want, without any interference from the police!

For a summary of the August 11 events (in French):

To reach the RCP-Laurentides:


Transport available from Montréal:
– Meeting at 11:30 a.m. at the North entrance of the Crémazie metro station (near the FTQ building).
– Reserve your place by e-mail ( or by phone (514 409-2444).


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