Agents Claim to Have Captured Alleged BLA Combatant George Wright

in happier times…

Many of you will have heard the sad news that police are claiming they have arrested George Wright, an alleged former BLA combatant living in Portugal under the name Jose Luis Jorge dos Santos.

Mainstream news reports state that Wright escaped from prison where he was serving a sentence for murder in 1970. He then apparently joined the BLA, and was one of a group which hijacked a Delta Airlines flight from Detroit to Miami, forcing it to land in Boston, where they exchanged their hostages for 1 million dollars before flying on to Algeria. While the Algerian government did seize the million, Wright and the others were not handed over to the united states. According to these same mainstream news reports, Wright has spent the past forty years living in Africa and then Portugal. CNN reports that:

 At age 68, he was living quietly in the resort of Sintra near Lisbon in Portugal when he was arrested Monday.

The United States is seeking his extradition from Portugal to serve the remainder of a 15- to 30-year sentence for murder. Portuguese judicial authorities could not be reached Tuesday for details of the extradition process.

Wright is fighting extradition, a U.S. federal agent said, and his next court appearance in Portugal is in about two weeks.

A comrade in Lisbon has made contact with Wright, and he has indicated that he would like support. He can be reached at:
Estabelecimento Prisional instalado junto da Polícia Judiciária de Lisboa
Rua Gomes Freire, 174.
1169-007 Lisboa

Best to put the names “George Wright” and “Jose Luis Jorge dos Santos” on envelopes so that the prisoncrats don’t have an excuse to reject them.

Updates will be posted as information becomes available. To contact someone in Portugal trying to coordinate support: or


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