Khalil Ali Reviews AIDS Conspiracy Theories

Khalil Ali Reviews AIDS Conspiracy Theories

AIDS Conspiracy Theories: Tracking the Real GenocideComrade, after a review of the “AIDS conspiracy” pamphlet by David Gilbert, and particularly the 2nd half, i find the pamphlet to be very impressive and enlightening, i.e. the “quick bleach method for sterilizing needles and syringes” being ineffective, the “Real Genocide” (preventable deaths) in progress, and fighting the Power, the Plague, along with additional info that was unbeknown to me.

However, what i found most accurate to the particular situation here at this neo-kkkoncentration kamp, was “that New Afrikans who believed in the conspiracy theories are significantly less likely to use condoms or to get tested for HIV” (page 4).

This in turn continues the spread of AIDS at a rate i believe to be much more higher and severe than among IDUs. So in other words, i personally can see how the conspiracy theory is hindering the seizing of this disease.

However, through on page 13 he asserts, “that those conspiracy theories are serving as a Red Herring that can divert people from tracking down and stepping to the Real Genocide.” Now, i don’t particularly agree with this conclusion. His analysis of the Real Genocide is Right & exact, however until we can detect the origins of AIDS or conclusively determine the actual cause of the increased spread amongst the minority (New Afrikans) on this continent, i can’t actually say or see that the “conspiracy theories are serving as a Red Herring that can divert the people…” Due to the fact that from a Revolutionary stand point, i know & firmly believe that if the AIDS epidemic or increased spread (particularly among New Afrikans) is ever concretely exposed that it is pushed by this neo-kkkolonial government, it will serve as a good situation to bring more New Afrikans to separate from this neo-kkkolonial government and support our independence movement. i know i have not had much studying on AIDS and the theories on it, but i believe this to be as good of an evaluation as i can make at this time without being redundant and superfluous.

Khalil Ali


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