Charles Sims Africa Reviews AIDS Conspiracy Theories

Charles Sims Africa Reviews AIDS Conspiracy Theories

AIDS Conspiracy Theories: Tracking the Real Genocide I received the pamphlet, AIDS Conspiracy? Tracking the Real Genocide! I think it was very good information, and the point (tracking the Real Genocide) can be applied in numerous other situations where brothers tend to get caught up in “conspiracy theories” as a diversion away from the work to fight things that are immediately threatening us!

I had previously read the theories put forth by different people, including “Who Murdered Africa”. Your pamphlet puts forth clear and simple common sense and logic, as well as documentation that any bro or sis should be able to see… Information is important and it must be passed on truthfully without rhetoric. When I was in S.C.I. Pgh. a sister a sister lectured on A/iDS, and she also said that she did not think “AIDS was something invented to wipe out blacks” (in a laboratory)

The truth is the genocide of blacks, Hispanics, Indians and poor white folks has never stopped, and they don’t need to “conspire”. It is a regular feature in every aspect of society (mind control, economics, prisons, brutality etc. etc.) and poverty and ignorance are going hand in hand w/AIDS in an effort to kill off millions of people (mainly people of color). The racist monetary policies of america and other countries keep so-called third world countries under-developed and without adequate health and prevention facilities, as you pointed out (see Africa: AIDS, famine, disease, resulting from colonialism and then neglect ).

Again I commend you for your work — long overdue — in providing me (and I’m sure many others) with a detailed document (with footnotes). I will continue to do research and read some of the references you mention that I haven’t read yet. Of course my mind will always remain open, but right now your analysis and information is the most plausible that I’ve seen thus far. Some things in this system don’t change. It’s the same ole’ poverty, neglect and oppression. We don’t need to look elsewhere. There’s much educating to be done on this and many other issues.

On the Move,
Charles Sims Africa

P.S. Geronimo is free! That’s great! Free all PPs and P.O.W.s!


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