Albert Nuh Washington Reviews AIDS Conspiracy Theories

Albert Nuh Washington Reviews AIDS Conspiracy Theories

AIDS Conspiracy Theories: Tracking the Real GenocideYou Should Read This.

AIDS Conspiracy? Tracking the Real Genocide by David Gilbert should be read by everyone who calls themselves revolutionary in particular and concerned people in general. This paper to the best of my knowledge is the first to address why the strategies of the national health organizations and private groups have failed to impact on the spread of AIDS in minority communities, especially the Black community.

David Gilbert takes us step by step to debunk false theories on the origin of AIDS. From reputable scientists we are told why these theories are invalid. But to just show that people have whack thoughts is like an insult, so David gives us very concrete reasons why Black people in particular hold such views. In an age where government experiments are being exposed as well as apologized for, it is easy to believe that this government or any colonial government is capable of the worst of crimes.

That some white people find the theories hard to believe is due to their inability to acknowledge their history. This, then, is the problem, and David does a good job in attempting to resolve it. But he goes further than just attempting to resolve a contradiction. He points us to the real genocide: disinformation and misinformation. By ignoring facts on behavior, people have left themselves open to infection – and thus in a position to infect others. The AIDS orphans of Africa bear witness to this. Ignorance is the root of all misfortune, and those who put forth these false conspiracy theories are aiding and abetting the racists who would see us destroyed.

Albert Nuh Washington
Black Liberation Army/Black Panther Party Political Prisoner

Due to the efforts of David Gilbert, Nuh was in the first group of New York State prisoners to be trained as peer counselors to teach other prisoners about AIDS. That first group had access to an office, but the State bowed to other pressures and closed it down.

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