J. Sakai Reviews AIDS Conspiracy Theories


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David Gilbert’s A.I.D.S. Conspiracy? Tracking the Real Genocide is a strong contribution to our knowledge about how to fight the Plague. At first, like so many of us, i thought this horrifying epidemic just had to be some biological warfare experiment run loose. The often-quoted “evidence” in the writings of Dr. William Campbell Douglass, M.D., helped convince me. So it was a real eye-opener for me to learn from David Gilbert’s paper that this Dr. Douglass wasn’t a Black nationalist, as i’d assumed, but a white Right-wing racist whose “evidence” is all fake.

To me, David Gilbert’s paper is fascinating and necessary reading, but there is one side of it that i think we need to discuss more. Yes, i think his sources are right in this case. But when some scientist assures us that blah de blah is true — “Just take my word for it” — don’t we all start looking for the fire escape? It’s not a problem that they have sophisticated knowledge and we may not. Maybe it’s precisely because the oppressed do not yet have functioning liberated sciences of our own that we have to tenaciously resist being trusting or dependent on capitalist science? i don’t have a good answer for all this, but i think we have to start discussing it.

J. Sakai

J. SakaiJ. SakaiJ. Sakai

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