Anarchists release updated AIDS pamphlet

by International Minister
MIM Notes #231, April 1st 2001

AIDS Conspiracy Theories: Tracking the Real GenocideCommunist anarchists are distributing a pamphlet about AIDS conspiracy theories and how AIDS is killing the people disproportionately from oppressed nations. In 62 pages, the essay thoroughly covers existing conspiracy theories that are setting back the oppressed peoples and ends with a dialogue with some critics.

Prisoner David Gilbert is serving time for his role in an attempted expropriation of a Brinks bank truck for the revolutionary movement. The last few years he has worked hard to support AIDS education in prison. Before his death in 2000, Black Liberation Army activist Albert Nuh Washington supported Gilbert’s essay activities.

Gilbert starts his pamphlet by laying out the legitimate historical reasons that oppressed peoples do not trust scientists under imperialism. There is nothing about being a scientist that makes one ethical in the treatment of people, including and especially in the medical sciences. It is for this very reason that MIM supports the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) in China and its approach to science for the people. Science must be accessible for the people and not used as an advantage in the struggle for profit or people will rightly not trust their scientists.

The gap between leaders and led decreases under socialism and eliminated under communism. Under capitalism, the gap between leaders and led is part of the glory of becoming ruling class. Such gaps justify distribution of the means of production and income.

The result of the lack of trust in scientists is causing the AIDS epidemic to be worse than it should be. People who should know about the risks of intravenous drug use and sexual practices and how to avoid HIV and AIDS live in denial instead.

It turns out that some of the people spreading these conspiracy theories are the ones who want to see Blacks and homosexuals die. Gilbert uncovered the role of the John Birch Society and other crackpot activists.

Although it is by anarchists, there is little by way of anarchist theory in this essay. MIM would raise the point that people who deceive others with medical disinformation about HIV can cause death. Hence, the notion that “free speech” does not hurt anyone is false. “Free speech” can kill, and once a persyn is dead, that persyn does not have “free speech” or any other rights. Hence, MIM has no difficulty saying that whether it is sex education or HIV disinformation, MIM supports dictatorship of the proletariat. Survival rights come before parents’ desire to be socially conservative. Any parents who get in the way of sex education are risking execution for homicide if MIM comes to power. Likewise, anyone who causes death through HIV disinformation would be liable to the supreme penalty under the dictatorship of the proletariat.


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