Ali Mustafa, Presente by DC Protests

greatly missed: Ali Mustafa
Age: 29 years old
Country: Syria
Killed on March 9, 2014

Ali Mustafa was a Canadian photo-journalist documenting the war in Syria. Ali was killed in Hadariyeh, a rebel-held area of Aleppo, by an explosion from a barrel bomb. Seven other people were also killed.

Ali was photographing the carnage and debris from an explosion that had occurred moments earlier, when a Syrian military helicopter dropped a second bomb on the bystanders and journalists who had arrived to survey the scene.

In Honor of all Activist Reporters who stand with the people, and who are putting their lives on the line to get the truth out.

Independent journalists are reporting from places that mainstream media outlets abandon because it’s too dangerous or too cumbersome. They are covering the stories from the margins and beyond, that those in power don’t want to get out.

In 2013, Syria was ranked as the most dangerous country to be a journalist by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Despite the risks, Ali Mustafa felt an ardent pull to cover the conflict firsthand, describing it as “the best of people I could ever know, the worst of fates I could ever imagine.”

“Ali, you lived your stories, you felt the pain and were part of the struggle. You are a true humanist, you believed in peace, you are a citizen journalist in it’s true meaning.” – JH

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