Another Update on Roger Clement and Ottawa Comrades

Roger was transferred to Millhaven mid-December and it is expected that he will be there for 2-3 months before being transferred to the federal penitentiary where he will stay for the rest of his 3.5 year sentence.

In the immediate future, letters can be sent to Roger to the following address:

Joseph Roger Clement (FPS-420268X)
Millhaven Institution
PO Box 280 Bath Rd.
Bath ON K0H 1G0

Roger thanks everyone for all their support.

Donations for outstanding legal expenses can be made to “Ottawa Movement Defense” c/o the Ottawa Women’s Credit Union. Donations can also be made online using Paypal.

Ottawa Movement Defense
631 King Edward Ave.
(3rd floor / 3ieme étage)
Ottawa, ON, K1N 7N8

In solidarity,
Ottawa Movement Defence


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