Anti-2010:Information Against the Olympic Industry

Anti-2010:Information Against the Olympic Industry
is a 36 page, 8 x 11, magazine PDF published by Please download and distribute in your area.

As is explained: was established in the spring of 2007 to provide information for anti-Olympic resistance, to educate and inspire others, and to post regular updates for the movement. It is maintained by Indigenous rebels in occupied Coast Salish Territory. Thanks to a comrade in Montreal, 100,000 stickers were printed with the slogan ‘No Olympics on Stolen Native Land’ & the website address. These stickers have been distributed across Canada. In addition, a ‘Militant Merchandise’ section has been added to the site, which has t-shirts, patches and stickers for sale. You can support by purchasing these products (via Paypal).
On the website there are also PDFs that can be downloaded and copied that you can distribute in your area, including SportsAction (direct actions against 2010 chronology) and this publication.
We are currently working on a special print edition/PDF focusing on the 2010 Torch Relay. is a member of the Olympic Resistance Network, the main coordinating group for anti-2010 opposition in Vancouver. Over the last two years, the anti-Olympic movement in Vancouver and across the country has carried out a succesful campaign of protest & direct action.
If you’d like to get involved, contact the ORN at email:

If printing out the document for photocopying, it is recommended to set the printer DPI (dots per inch, usually in properties) to 600 or 300 DPI.

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