Revolutionary Art Gallery

Here are some links to sites containing revolutionary artwork:  

  • Art to the People is an incredible digitized art exhibit of a bunch of revolutionary artists from the 1880s to the 1930s – great web site!
  • The Chairman Smiles has an amazing collection of posters from Stalinist and Communist regimes of the USSR, People’s Republic of China and Cuba
  • The Communist Homepage has an extensive collection of unabashedly Stalinist and Communist artwork, photos, etc. – Uncle Joe with a vengeance!
  • Guerrilla Girls are a cool feminist art collective
  • Tom Manning, a revolutionary political priosoner, is also an artist whose work is available on the web
  • Zapatista’s Art Gallery by Latuff


    The following sites specialize in images made for use as stickers or postcards: Think Again (radical queer stuff) Planetary Liberation Front (anarchist fun stuff)  


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